5 Most useful car accessories finds

You’ve finally found the car you’ve been looking for. You’ve arranged for the necessary third party and car insurance in case of any unforeseen circumstances. And now you are well equipped for a good and long relationship with your vehicle.


For South Africans our cars have become more than just plain transportation. For different people they have the most diverse of uses, functioning as work places, temporary homes, a place of education, or even a sanctuary. Clearly they play an important part of our lives, so aside from regular cleaning and maintenance,we would naturally want to equip them with a few extra nice-to-haves.


Mag Rim Protectors 



Nomatter how carefully we drive, it’s almost inevitable that our rims will incur damage from kerbs or unexpected obstacles on the road. Buying a new set of rims are often too expensive to be worth the cost and hassle.


Rimskins™ are made of an advanced polymer that help protect your wheel rims by providing a barrier between the wheel rimand kerb while parking. For rims that have already been scratched they work well to cover the existing damage. They come in a wide variety of colours from themore classic white and silver all the way to the brighter shades of red and blue.


Portable Power Bank And Car Jump Starter



This power bank and car jump starter is amulti-purpose device that takes care of many emergency situations you may find yourself in. It’s also a great accessory for camping trips and long road trips.

The power bank will charge your mobile device when you’re stuck and have run out of battery power both on your car and your phone. It will keep you independent if you don’t want to wait or call for help by assisting with jump starting your car. It’s also the only device of its kind that we know of that comes with additional uses such as an LED lamp,safety hammer, and SOS alarm. 

This model is no longer available.


Window Laminating 



Laminating your windows has a variety ofuses. Tinted lamination adds a stylish look to your vehicle, but also has very practical uses as well:


  1. Cuts glare by 60%, keeps youcar 20% cooler.
  2. Resists an attack with a crowbar, hammer, or brick.
  3. The thick laminate helps protect vehicle occupants from flying glass in the event of an accident.


Choose from several levels of protection and thicknesses. SmashProof offers a perfectly smooth finish with no unsightly joins.

Get it: http://www.pgglass.co.za/



MOTO-QUIP Vacuum Cleaner



Image source: http://www.takealot.com


When we spend so much time in our cars there are bound to be accidental smoothie spills, cookie crumbs, or dirt and debris dragged in from the outside. Cleaning up isn’t always easy especially when trying to get into the corners and small crevices that come with vehicles.


A small portable vacuum cleaner that you simply plug into your cigarette lighter is still one of the best solutions. It deals with both wet and dry applications and comes with a long crevice nozzle and brush.


Get it in store: https://www.makro.co.za or online http://www.takealot.com



Solar Trickle Charger 



If you’re going to leave your car standing for long periods for whatever reason,this trickle charger keeps your 12V lead battery from running down using the power of the sun. It is designed to charge and maintain a battery with no additional running costs. Not only will it keep your car’s battery topped up while you’re away, you can use it for maintaining the batteries in other vehicles such as a caravan or boat.



Get it online: https://www.sustainable.co.za/



Rear View Camera with Night Vision




Whether a beginner driver or an experience done, sometimes we still need a little help seeing what’s behind us while we’re parking. With a camera attached to the back of your car it will feel like you have eyes at the back of your head. No more nicks and scrapes. The handy rear view camera even comes with night vision LEDs to light up the area behind your car at night or dark under cover parking spaces. 

Get it online: https://www.wantitall.co.za/ 





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