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Buying a used vehicle from us means buying peace of mind. Quality, Value and Choice; that's the Auto Pedigree difference.
Auto Pedigree has finance arrangements in place with all major banks in South Africa. This allows us to help you find and secure your chosen vehicle through the best finance package option for your needs. Other Auto Pedigree vehicle services include Vehicle Insurance and Auto Pedigree Care Plus. You can apply for vehicle finance online. Once you complete and submit the form below we will be in contact with you shortly after.
Vehicle insurance gives you peace of mind against theft, damage or accidents. Whether your fault or not, these incidences are too costly to bear on your own. At Auto Pedigree, it's not just about providing you with a vehicle. In striving to serve you as a customer, our well-established insurance brokerage negotiates with all major insurers to get the best comprehensive vehicle insurance cover at good premiums. With over 7,000 satisfied clients, we're about providing service excellence. Contact us for a quote or any insurance-related questions Share Call: 0860 331 331 Email: [email protected] 086 011 1133 011 230 9200
Datadot® The use of Datadot® technology is a means of securing the identity of vehicles and their parts. Micro dotting your vehicle makes it virtually impossible to change the vehicle’s original identity. This acts as a powerful deterrent to criminal syndicates. Thousands of Data Dots are sprayed on various parts of your vehicle. Each Dot is engraved with a unique code, which is stored on a national database and accessed by the police if your car is stolen. Dots are invisible to the eye and near impossible to remove. Warning stickers act as a further deterrent. You will receive a certificate confirming the security details of your vehicle. Protect your assets with Datadot® today! Tracking Services Phone-in vehicle tracking with free recovery service. In the event that your vehicle is highjacked or stolen, all you need to do is report the incident to the service provider. The 24hr national service centre is able to locate your vehicle’s position within 30 seconds, provided GSM coverage is available. This technology will even locate your vehicle if parked in a basement or cargo container. The device comes standard with a back-up battery that will keep the device active for a period of time, even if the vehicle battery runs flat or if the device is disconnected. This tracking device has up to a 95% recovery rate. Ensure you always know where your vehicle is. Smash & Grab Window Film Protection against smash and grab incidents. When LLumar safety film is installed to your vehicle’s windows, it is guaranteed to be free of defects with a 5-year warranty. Smash and grab window film strengthens windows against impact as glass pieces are retained on the film when the window is broken. Everyday driving becomes more comfortable as the film protects you from excessive heat and harmful ultraviolet rays. A replacement film will be applied free of charge when a new window is installed. Install a safety film and protect yourself and your family. Contact your nearest Auto Pedigree dealership for more information on Vehicle Security.
Protect yourself personally and financially. Obtain cover to reduce personal and financial risk. ADCOVER® The ADCOVER® Policy gives you complete peace of mind that you will not be left responsible for settling the shortfall amount left owing to the finance house in the event that your vehicle is written off or stolen. ADCOVER® pays the shortfall between the outstanding balance with the finance house and the amount paid by your insurer. The value will be calculated from the day of loss and market value will be used as a guide. In the event of a successful claim, you will receive up to R6,000 towards your access. Lifestyle Protection Plan This plan leaves you and your family free of vehicle debt when a life-changing tragedy hits, be it dread disease, disability or death. It also provides for monthly vehicle instalments when living conditions change, for instance if a temporary disability or retrenchment occurred. Further benefits include booster, hospitalisation, and funeral cover. Contact your nearest Auto Pedigree car dealership to discuss your personal and financial risk cover.
Component Cover is an insurance policy that offers you financial assistance in the event of a mechanical or electrical breakdown. Depending on age and mileage of the vehicle, various cover options are available once the manufacturers’ warranties have expired. Mileage, model, and age determine specific cover for the vehicle. Your policy wording will provide a detailed list of particular components covered. Gold Care Cover Eligible for passenger vehicles, 4x4s, and light commercial vehicles, Gold Cover offers assistance on electrical and mechanical breakdown over a two-year or 40,000km period. Components covered: o Engine o Gearbox (manual or automatic), differential o 4x4 front differential unit and hubs, electronic ignition, management o System, turbochargers o Braking system, steering, fuel system o Cooling system, electrical components, prop shaft, air-conditioner o Driveshafts, clutch Platinum Care Cover Eligible for passenger vehicles, 4x4s and light commercial vehicles and is valid for a period of two years. Components covered: o Engine o Gearbox, differential o Differential lock, transfer box, turbo assembly, management system o Casings, electronic ignition, air-conditioner, cooling system o Suspension, wheel bearings, braking system, fuel system, electrical components, electrical winch, freewheel hubs, prop shaft (drive shafts), cv joints, steering mechanism, clutch, radiator o Emission control o Cylinder head gasket, drive pulleys, cam belt o Viscous and electric fans o Electric motors (sunroof), electric mirrors, central locking o GPS navigation system, entertainment system, phone system, transponder key, alarms and immobiliser Additional Benefits: o Vehicle hire, overnight accommodation, instalment payment protection, insurance excess payment, public transport o Strip and quote Step-up Warranty Eligible for passenger vehicles, 4x4s and light commercial vehicles and valid for a period of six months or 15,000km, the Step-up Warranty covers against burnout, excessive wear and tear of specific components not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Components covered: o Front brake pads o Front brake discs o Rear brake shoes/pads o Rear brake drums/discs o Fan belts o Wiper blades o Battery o Shock absorbers o Exhaust system including hangers (excluding manifold and catalytic o convertor) o Air conditioner re-gas It’s important to service your vehicle regularly at a factory-appointed dealer or RMI-registered facility to gain maximum value from the warranty. If your manufacturer's warranty has expired, stay covered for peace of mind – contact your nearest Auto Pedigree dealer to discuss the cover best suited for your vehicle.
Maintain the quality and condition of your vehicle to keep it looking as good as new. Minimise wear and tear and maximise its value with our maintenance products and services. Dent & Scratch Autobody Warranty The Dent and Scratch Autobody Warranty covers your vehicle for: Repairable damage to windscreens, wheel rims or mags. Minor hail damage, dent and scratch repair. Interior maintenance and restoration plus wheel inspection and alignment. Repair services are carried out by a national network of approved autobody repair shops. Choose the most appropriate cover to suit your needs. Auto Shine Paint Protection Warranty Minimise fading, loss of gloss and oxidation of paintwork. Keep your vehicle’s paintwork in showroom condition with the three-year paint protection warranty. Environmental factors, bird droppings or tree sap can damage your vehicle’s painted finish. The Auto Shine product ensures your vehicle’s paint is protected. To retain the protective properties throughout the year, regularly apply the maintenance products, which include car shampoo, car polish, bumper and tyre polish. Bring your vehicle to Auto Pedigree once a year for treatment to be applied. Contact your nearest Auto Pedigree dealership for more information on vehicle interior and exterior warranty.
To ensure your safety on the road you can count on assistance 24hrs a day all year round for the next two years. Auto Pedigree has contracted with AA FleetCare to offer you the following benefits: Roadside Assistance Mechanical and electrical breakdown towing service Tyre change if you have a flat tyre Flat battery charge service Key lockout service An overnight and vehicle rental benefit if the breakdown occurs more than 100 km from your residential address. Medical Emergency Assistance 24hr Medical Emergency Advice and Transport service is on stand by to assist in the event of any medical emergency such as a motor accident, gun shot incident, swallowing of a poisonous substance, heart attack, etc. This includes counselling following a vehicle related trauma incident. Legal Assistance Get 24hr telephonic legal advice by qualified attorneys on any legal matter. This includes Telephonic claims assistance offering guidance and information regarding your motor accident. A legal document service that provides you with papers for your routine legal needs. A direct free thirty-minute legal consultation service. Travel Assistance Get a 24hr map assistance service, if you need directions or route guidance when travelling. The Auto Pedigree key “FINDIT” service offers a reward for lost key returns. Road Cover Victims of motor vehicle accidents wrongfully caused by a third party have immediate access to an effective Road Accident Fund claims management system. Deposit Cover Should your vehicle be stolen, hijacked or written off, the 1-year Deposit Cover pays a specified amount towards a deposit on a new vehicle within the first year. Available from Auto Pedigree branches countrywide. Call 010 593 9505 for more info.