Before Buying a Vehicle

What is the difference between a pre-owned and demo vehicle? 

A: A demo vehicle is generally a new vehicle that has been registered once in the dealership name to showcase to potential customers. A used vehicle is generally one that has been registered to one or more private or business individuals who used the vehicle for their own purposes rather than reselling it.

Does Auto Pedigree take trade-in vehicles?

A: Yes, after we have viewed your vehicle and an appraisal has been completed we will offer you a market-related price.

I have a really old car; can I trade it in for a newer model?

A: Yes, you may trade it in and we'll work out the best payment package possible for you.

My current vehicle is still in good condition, how can I ensure I get the best return on it?

A: Should you decide to buy a new second-hand car from Auto Pedigree, it’s best to bring your current vehicle in to a branch for an assessment.

I recently bought a vehicle; will I be able to trade it in?

A: Yes, the trade-in value and the settlement value may differ if it was financed. It is here where you can make use of the deal assistance in an effort to assist you with a settlement.

What is the process in determining a price on my trade-in vehicle?

A: Your vehicle is evaluated by one of our competent staff and a market-related price is then offered to you. There are many variables at play in determining a price. We use the TransUnion M&M value as a base, then consider the age, condition, mileage on the clock, whether it has a full-service history or not, and any previous accident damage of your vehicle. The popularity of your vehicle model in the marketplace is also taken into consideration.

Can I sell my car without having to trade it in?  

A: Yes, you can sell your car privately or to any other dealer and use your proceeds as a deposit on your new vehicle. Alternatively, you can also keep the proceeds if a deposit is not required on your transaction (the purchase of your next car).

Buying a Vehicle

What is the procedure if I decide to buy a car from you?

Come into any of our branches and we'll assist. We can help from:

  • Deciding on a vehicle you have in mind that suits you and your lifestyle
  • Taking you on a test drive
  • Working out what your estimated monthly repayments would be on your desired car
  • Applying for finance once you've made your decision
  • Applying for insurance
  • Offering products to maintain the future quality and value of your vehicle

Do I need to pay a deposit when buying a vehicle? 

A: As per legislation you do not need a deposit unless it is a bank requirement.

If I do not have a driver’s licence can I nominate another person as the driver?

A: Yes, this is subject to bank approval.

Are all the advertised vehicles available in any of the branches?

A: Yes, all vehicles advertised are available to all branches nationally. Should a vehicle not be immediately available due to normal run of business, another vehicle will be at the branch in a short time frame. 

Do you have more than one vehicle of the same make and model available?

A: Yes, we have more than 3,000 vehicles in stock across more than 70 branches for you to choose from. We have a variety of same make and model vehicles in various colours and mileages to suit your needs.

Is the vehicle that I enquired about still available?

A: We cannot guarantee that the exact vehicle you were interested in would be still available, sometimes a sold vehicle could still be displayed on the website for a few of days after a customer has committed to it. However, there would likely be similar vehicles available – an easy search on our website will reveal the available makes and models. Alternatively, we can assist by searching for the particular make and model for you, and if we do not have a similar one in stock anywhere in the country we’ll do our best to source one. Call our Call Centre 010 593  9505 with your requirements.

What is the best price you can offer me on a vehicle?

A: Prices, as presented on our website, is the recommended retail price for the value & quality we offer. You are welcome to visit or contact any of our branches to structure a deal according to your needs.

What is the Vehicle Specials about?  

A: These are individual vehicles that have additional deal assistance allocated.

Can I have more information on the vehicle?

A: If you require further information other than the specific vehicle’s details published on our website, you’re welcome to contact our Call Centre 010 593 9505 or your closest Auto Pedigree branch.

Will the branch be able to bring the vehicle to me for a viewing?

A: Yes, we would be happy to. Please speak to a sales representative at your closest branch to make arrangements.

Does the vehicle have a full-service history, maintenance plan, and warranty?

A: Most of our vehicles have a full-service history, and if a vehicle still has the balance of a maintenance plan and/or warranty you will continue to have the benefit of these products after purchasing the vehicle. You can confirm the plan or warranty at the branch on the specific vehicle you are interested in to ensure you know what the status on that specific vehicle is.

Will the bank require a deposit? And if so, how much deposit will I have to pay?

A: How much and whether you’ll need a deposit to buy your new second-hand car depends on the bank’s methodology to assess customer risk profiles. Auto Pedigree’s deal assistance amount allocated to a vehicle can be used as a deposit.

I do not have a driver’s licence; can I nominate another person as the driver? If so, who can I nominate?

A: Depending on individual circumstances, it’s possible to nominate a driver where the bank allows it. Nominated drivers are normally limited to spouses and children.

I am located in a different province from where my selected car is – would it be possible to test drive the vehicle first in this case?

A: You may test drive a similar vehicle to the one you’ve selected to purchase.

To test drive, you may need to show purchase intent first. You can do this by completing a finance application and having it approved before expenses are incurred to deliver the vehicle.

How long before I can take ownership of the vehicle I am interested in?

A: It is possible to take possession of your chosen vehicle the same day you have decided on a vehicle.  Finance and insurance is processed while you wait. Our standard stock vehicles are of a quality to drive from the showroom floor immediately.  Generally speaking, once your finance has been approved and all paperwork finalised, you should be able to drive your vehicle away the next day.

Deal Assistance

What is deal assistance?

A: Deal Assistance is an amount available on selected vehicles to enable you to structure a deal according to your needs. You may use it as follows:

  1. Cash Back
  2. Towards the settlement of your trade-in
  3. Use as a Deposit
  4. As a payment holiday
  5. To settle any other outstanding account
  6. Or a combination of the above

If I am buying cash, do I still qualify for the deal assistance offer?  

A: Yes, the deal assistance amount will be offered as a cash back amount.

On which vehicles is the deal assistance offered?

A: Auto Pedigree’s Deal Assistance is offered on a range of vehicles and the vehicle selections may change monthly. This is our effort to help you structure a tailormade transaction to suit your requirements as best as possible.

Does the price advertised on the website already include the deal assistance amount?

A: The price on the internet is the recommended retail price. The Deal Assistance has already been deducted from the price.

Financing a Vehicle

How does finance work?

A: When a bank receives your finance application, your personal information is used to ascertain if they are willing to pass credit to you in the form of a vehicle purchase loan. In assessing your finance application they take into consideration your age, income, expenses, and the value of the purchase vehicle, amongst other criteria.

Do you have in-house financing?

A: Yes, Auto Pedigree will submit your application to the finance houses and get you the best possible deal. Our team of finance and insurance managers will try their best to secure the best finance offer for you between all the major finance banks in South Africa.

Which finance houses do you deal with?

A: Finance and insurance applications are submitted to all major institutions in South Africa.

Can I use my own finance company?

A: Yes, though you may find it more convenient and cost-effective for us to make the application for you the choice is still yours. 

How much will my monthly instalment be and what will have an effect on the amount?

A: There are many variables in calculating an instalment, such as interest rates, the finance term, whether there is a balloon payment or not, your deposit amount if any, whether you trade in your existing car, etc.

At best, we can give you an estimate for you to establish if it is in line with your budget. This is possible once your transaction structure is completed and we receive the bank’s finance approval confirming the interest rate and instalment amount.

What is the interest rate offered?

A: This is based on your risk profile where the bank who is financing you will make you an interest rate offer. Auto Pedigree does not determine the interest rate.

What documents must I bring when applying for finance?

A: Depending on whether you are applying as an individual or part of a business, varying information might be required and additional documents may also be requested.

Certain information is required by law to verify identification (FICA). To finance a vehicle you would be required to provide some or all of the below:

  • Valid SA ID document
  • Valid SA drivers licence
  • Confirmation of your residential address by providing any documentation showing your name and full residential address, not a post box address, such as:
  • A utility bill, such as water, electricity or rates (less than 3 months old). We may accept a utility bill that is addressed to a post box number if it shows your name, erf/stand number, township and suburb
  • A copy of a signed lease agreement (by both parties), (less than 1 year old)
  • A municipal rates and taxes invoice (less than 3 months old)
  • A retail account statement/invoice (less than 3 months old)
  • Proof of income such as last 3 months' worth of payslips, or bank or financial statement (less than 3 months old)

When applying for finance why do you need all my personal information?   

A: Auto Pedigree as a used car dealership does not require all of your information, but the bank requires this information in order to determine approval. This also helps as a means to combat fraud.

Can I combine mine and my partner’s monthly income to meet the financial requirements?

A: Yes, subject to bank approval. Depending on individual circumstances, banks will consider joint incomes between spouses to meet the financial requirements.  

Is it permissible to complete and sign a finance application on behalf of someone else like a spouse or parent?

A: A finance application form is a legal document and may not be signed on behalf of another individual.

My income is less than the specified amount, however, I do not have any compulsory expenses. Will I be able to qualify?  

A: Finance qualification is subject to bank approval.

I run a small business that is not registered, but I deposit the money into the bank now and then; will I be able to apply for finance?

A: Yes, you may apply for finance but it is still subject to the bank’s finance processes and qualifying criteria.

Insuring a Vehicle

Can you assist with arranging insurance when I buy a vehicle from Auto Pedigree?

A: Yes, we have an insurance brokerage business with a large portfolio of insurance underwriters who can assist in obtaining a competitive quote. 

Is it necessary to take out insurance?

A: Yes, if you are financing your vehicle through a financial institution you're required to have your vehicle comprehensively insured  for the entire finance term.

Am I obligated to take the insurance offered specifically by your company?

A: No, you are under no obligation and are free to arrange your own insurance with the insurance house of your preference. The advantage of using us is that our internal insurance brokerage has formal arrangements in place with a large portfolio of various insurers. This means that we can assist in obtaining the best comprehensive cover at the lowest possible premium on your behalf. Under FAIS legislation, we are also obliged to do a financial needs analysis with you and advise you on the risks you face financially and offer financial products to mitigate these risks.

After Buying a Vehicle

What if I am not happy with my vehicle after a few days?

A: Auto Pedigree offers customers a 30-day exchange.  If you're not entirely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days you can come back to us for an exchange for a similar make and model vehicle.  Note that terms and conditions do apply so speak to your branch for all the details.

What do I do if the car I purchased from you breaks down?

A: As an Auto Pedigree Plus Plan member, you benefit from roadside and medical emergency assistance 24 hours a day for a period of 2 years after purchase.


Do you rent out vehicles?

A: No, Auto Pedigree is solely a second hand car dealer but we can refer you to our sister company EuropCar who will be happy to assist with your vehicle rental requirements.

Do you have a question for us? Please send us a message or you can call the Auto Pedigree Call Centre 010 593 9505, either way, we’ll be delighted to help. 

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