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Deal Assistance Gives You Flexibility to Structure a Deal According to Your Needs

You know that when you buy a used car from Auto Pedigree, you get: 1.) Quality, 2.) Value, and 3.) Choice.     

Now, to give you even more, you get up to R50,000* deal assistance with the flexibility to choose how you want to use it:  



This is one of the options in Auto Pedigree’s R50,000* vehicle Deal Assistance. The Deposit option can be used as a cash amount towards the price of the ‘new’ second hand vehicle you intend to purchase.

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Auto Pedigree’s Deal assistance offer allows you as a car buyer to structure your own deal in terms of payment options. One of these options includes what is referred to as ‘cash back’.

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If you’re looking to buy a new car and need to sell your existing one, a vehicle trade-in is probably one of the easiest options. Are you undecided on whether to sell the car privately yourself, advertise it in the classifieds, or trade it in? Here we explain the advantages and disadvantages of vehicle trade-ins and how it works.

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Auto Pedigree’s Deal Assistance offer allows you as a car buyer to structure your own deal in terms of payment options. The deferred payment option allows you to start paying your finance instalments at a later date.

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Deal Assistance is also known as Trade Assistance. It is a benefit offered by Auto Pedigree to provide you with the flexibility to structure a deal according to your needs.

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Take advantage of the Auto Pedigree R50,000* deal assistance. Visit any Auto Pedigree branch countrywide and select from our wide range of second-hand vehicles on offer. 

*Up to R50,000 on selected vehicles