Drive Now, Pay Later
Drive Now, Pay Later

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Personalised Deals Based on Your Needs!

5 Ways of How You Can Use Deal Assistance

  1. Settlement on Trade-in

    Use your Deal Assistance amount towards settling any outstanding amounts on your trade-in.

  2. Deposit

    Use your Deal Assistance amount as a deposit towards buying your ‘new’ second hand vehicle to lower your monthly instalments.

  3. Deferred Payment

    Use your Deal Assistance amount to pay your initial instalments to the finance bank upfront. This means that you get the freedom of having no instalments to pay for the first few months of buying your vehicle.

  4. Cash back

    Use your Deal Assistance amount back in cash to use for your personal needs.

  5. Combination

    Use your Deal Assistance in any combination of the above options to suit your needs. You can tailor your own deal!

When you buy a car from Auto Pedigree using your Deal Assistance, you can choose how you want to spend the money! 

Drive away with a car that is as good as new. Our vehicles come with proven low mileage service history, and a 116-point quality check.