Deal Assistance Combinations
Deal Assistance Combinations

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Use Your Deal Assist as a Combination of Options


Deal Assistance is also known as Trade Assistance. It is a benefit offered by Auto Pedigree to provide you with the flexibility to structure a deal according to your needs.    

The advantage of Deal Assistance is that it is extremely flexible. It allows you to structure your own deal by selecting from a number of options. The best part is you do not need to have a trade-in vehicle to make use of Deal Assistance!

When you buy a car from Auto Pedigree using our R50 000* Deal Assistance,you can choose how you want to spend the money. This means that you can buy or do the things you have not been able to do before.

*Up to R50 000 deal assistance on a selected range of quality used low km, late model vehicles.

5 Ways of How You Can Use Deal Assistance 

Increase Your Trade-in Value


If you are planning on trading in your existing vehicle, this option might be for you.

When you indicate your intention to trade in your existing car, our branch will evaluate your vehicle and offer you an amount in line with the vehicle’s M&M book value. This M&M value, combined with the condition and market popularity of your vehicle guides the price offered to you.

In many cases, trade-in vehicles are still under finance and the finance settlement value might be higher than the price offered. In such a case, you will then need to pay the difference from your savings,which is not ideal. However, with the Deal Assistance value available to you, you can add the amount to the trade-in offer to ensure your trade-in value is sufficient to cover the settlement of your trade-in.  


With this option, you can use your Deal Assistance amount as a deposit towards buying your ‘new’ second hand vehicle, or use it to reduce the selling price of the car. The net effect is that the amount you will be financing through the bank will be lower, giving you two advantages:

1.    Your monthly repayment amount will be lower.

2.    You will pay less interest over the term of your loan.

Deferred Payment

Imagine driving your new car and not needing to pay for it straight away!

You can use the Deal Assistance amount to pay your initial instalments to the finance bank upfront. This means that you get the freedom of having no instalments to pay for the first few months of buying your vehicle.

How many months can you expect not having to pay?

This depends on the Deal Assistance amount available on your individual transaction, but on average, your deferred payment can be anything from 3 to 6 months and even more!

Cash Back

Use your Deal Assistance amount back in cash to use for your personal needs, such as a holiday for the family, buying that new TV you were trying to save for, or those home renovations that need attention.


The benefit of our Deal Assistance is that you can use any combination of the above options to suit your needs. Effectively, you end up tailoring your own deal!

Why Choose Auto Pedigree

When you choose to buy from Auto Pedigree, you have the advantage of knowing that you’ll drive away with a car that is as good as new. How do you know this? Our vehicles come with proven low mileage, service history, and the Auto Pedigree legendary 116-point quality assurance check.