Get a deal according to your needs with Auto Pedigree Deal Assistance.
Get a deal according to your needs with Auto Pedigree Deal Assistance.

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Use Your Deal Assistance as Deferred Payment


Auto Pedigree’s Deal Assistance offer allows you as a car buyer to structure your own deal in terms of payment options. The deferred payment option allows you to start paying your finance instalments at a later date.    

The deal assistance amount can be used to pay for your initial instalments to the finance bank upfront, anything from 1 – 8 months; the exact amount of time depends on the amount available on your specific transaction and deal structure.

The Advantage of Deferred Payments

Delaying your instalments to pay a few months later means you can take a ‘payment holiday’.

  • Use your deal assistance amount towards initial monthly instalments

  • The first few instalments are paid for and in effect not due immediately out of your pocket 

Deferred payment terms can vary, make sure you understand the details and your particular situation. But there’s no doubt that being free of instalments to pay for the first few months of buying your vehicle is of great benefit to you.

How does the Deferred Payment Option Work?

In order to determine when your first debit order will commence, divide the deal assistance amount offered (e.g. R50,000) by the instalment amount (e.g. R7,142). 

One Lump Sum Payment

 The full deal assistance amount offered can also be used as an initial lump sum payment in the first month.

Other Deal Assistance Options 

There are three other options, and deal assistance is even flexible enough to allow you to choose any combination. Therefore, you can combine your deferred payment option with any of the following:

  1. Deposit – used towards the upfront payment of the vehicle

  2. Trade-in – Add the amount to your vehicle purchase

  3. Cash back - Use the amount for your personal needs

Vehicle deal assistance provides a way to structure vehicle payments by selecting what options suits you, your lifestyle, and your pocket best. Let Auto Pedigree help you find your new used car because you deserve a great deal.