Top News Stories March 2017

With the challenges of an under-performing economy andrising motoring costs, South African car lovers will have to choose betweentheir passion for new and exciting technologies and practical socio-economicissues.

The shift in buying patterns will see the used car marketperforming better, and the introduction of value-added features, drivingpleasure, and flexibility in the A and B sector, previously reserved for theluxury class of vehicles.

AA Calls for Safety Testing Measures For All Vehicles in SA

TheAutomobile Association has called for the introduction of safety testingmeasures that provide a scale of safety ratings for all vehicles sold locally,saying that these safety ratings should be clearly displayed on vehicles.

The AA compiled a safety report on entry-level vehicles in South Africa. The aim of thereport was to identify the number of basic safety features available in motorvehicles which retail under R150 000, and also identify which safety featuresare most prominent in these cars.

TheGlobal Used Car Price Index 2017

Todetermine used car prices in a country compared to the rest of the world, TheGlobal Used Car Price Index offers an overview of the value of various brandsacross 40 different economic regions and car markets.

Theresearch included the majority of the largest car-producing nations, includingSouth Africa, whilst brands were selected based on global popularity.

The US wasfound to have the most affordable used car market, while South Africa wasranked fifth. Singapore’s high taxes on automobiles makes it the most expensivecountry in the world to buy a used car for every model.

New Energy Fuel Plant in SA

IsondoPrecious Metals has secured a license from US-based Chemours Technology to assemblecomponents for fuel cells using Platinum as a catalyst.

Africa’sfirst fuel cell component plant will start production in December 2017 aimingto take advantage of rising demand for clean energy cars in the country. Theplant will open either in Johannesburg or Durban by the end of the year inorder to take advantage of South Africa’s position as the world’s topplatinum producer. 

VinaySomera, chief executive of Isondo Precious Metals, said that tax breaks,relatively cheap labor costs and access to raw materials would also give theplant a competitive advantage.


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