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Component Cover

Component Cover is an insurance policy that offers you financial assistance in the event of a mechanical or electrical breakdown. Depending on age and mileage of the vehicle, various cover options are available once the manufacturers’ warranties have expired. Mileage, model, and age determine specific cover for the vehicle. Your policy wording will provide a detailed list of particular components covered. 

Gold Care Cover 

Eligible for passenger vehicles, 4x4s, and light commercial vehicles, Gold Cover offers assistance on electrical and mechanical breakdown over a two-year or 40,000km period.

Components covered:

o   Engine

o   Gearbox (manual or automatic), differential

o   4x4 front differential unit and hubs, electronic ignition, management

o   System, turbochargers

o   Braking system, steering, fuel system

o   Cooling system, electrical components, prop shaft, air-conditioner

o   Driveshafts, clutch 

Platinum Care Cover 

Eligible for passenger vehicles, 4x4s and light commercial vehicles and is valid for a period of two years.

Components covered:

o   Engine

o   Gearbox, differential

o   Differential lock, transfer box, turbo assembly, management system

o   Casings, electronic ignition, air-conditioner, cooling system

o   Suspension, wheel bearings, braking system, fuel system, electrical components, electrical winch, freewheel hubs, prop shaft (drive shafts), cv joints, steering mechanism, clutch, radiator

o   Emission control

o   Cylinder head gasket, drive pulleys, cam belt

o   Viscous and electric fans

o   Electric motors (sunroof), electric mirrors, central locking

o   GPS navigation system, entertainment system, phone system, transponder key, alarms and immobiliser

Additional Benefits:

o   Vehicle hire, overnight accommodation, instalment payment protection, insurance excess payment, public transport

o   Strip and quote

Step-up Warranty

Eligible for passenger vehicles, 4x4s and light commercial vehicles and valid for a period of six months or 15,000km, the Step-up Warranty covers against burnout, excessive wear and tear of specific components not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Components covered:

o   Front brake pads

o   Front brake discs

o   Rear brake shoes/pads

o   Rear brake drums/discs

o   Fan belts

o   Wiper blades

o   Battery

o   Shock absorbers

o   Exhaust system including hangers (excluding manifold and catalytic

o   convertor)

o   Air conditioner re-gas 

It’s important to service your vehicle regularly at a factory-appointed dealer or RMI-registered facility to gain maximum value from the warranty.

If your manufacturer's warranty has expired, stay covered for peace of mind – contact your nearest Auto Pedigree dealer to discuss the cover best suited for your vehicle.