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Vehicle Security


The use of Datadot® technology is a means of securing the identity of vehicles and their parts.

Micro dotting your vehicle makes it virtually impossible to change the vehicle’s original identity. This acts as a powerful deterrent to criminal syndicates.

Thousands of Data Dots are sprayed on various parts of your vehicle. Each Dot is engraved with a unique code, which is stored on a national database and accessed by the police if your car is stolen. Dots are invisible to the eye and near impossible to remove. Warning stickers act as a further deterrent. 

You will receive a certificate confirming the security details of your vehicle. 

Protect your assets with Datadot® today!

Tracking Services 

Phone-in vehicle tracking with free recovery service.

In the event that your vehicle is highjacked or stolen, all you need to do is report the incident to the service provider. The 24hr national service centre is able to locate your vehicle’s position within 30 seconds, provided GSM coverage is available.

This technology will even locate your vehicle if parked in a basement or cargo container. The device comes standard with a back-up battery that will keep the device active for a period of time, even if the vehicle battery runs flat or if the device is disconnected.

This tracking device has up to a 95% recovery rate.

Ensure you always know where your vehicle is.

Smash & Grab Window Film 

Protection against smash and grab incidents. 

When LLumar safety film is installed to your vehicle’s windows, it is guaranteed to be free of defects with a 5-year warranty. Smash and grab window film strengthens windows against impact as glass pieces are retained on the film when the window is broken. Everyday driving becomes more comfortable as the film protects you from excessive heat and harmful ultraviolet rays. A replacement film will be applied free of charge when a new window is installed.

Install a safety film and protect yourself and your family.

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