2016\'s Best Cars Chosen by Women

At a basic level it might be safe to say that women and men have different requirements when it comes to the car they drive. Women weigh their expectations such as comfort, aesthetics, affordability, and functionality up differently.

In family situations the woman’s car tends to take on a different role than the man’s. Though it’s a vast generalisation, and certainly societal norms and familial structures are changing, we’re still used to seeing a woman’s car as playing the role of 'mom’s taxi', while his is the executive, utility, or adventure vehicle.

Even in the singles category between genders there are definite vehicle preferences, where certain cars attract more women than they do men. Research shows that when women hunt for a vehicle to buy, they look for something compact, but should have sufficient boot space, and they consider safety, but should still be fun to drive. All the while speed and good looks definitely do not go ignored.

So which cars did South African women choose as their winning formula this year? Interesting to note that in both the judges vote as well as the reader’s choice award both overall winners were SUVs.

The Women on Wheels 2016 Car of the Year was voted for by ten female judges in eleven categories, and thousands of female voters selected their choice to determine the winner in each category. The panel then voted for the overall car of the year. This year, the Hyundai Tucson took top honours by the judges due to its affordability, practicality and overall value for money, while the Range Rover Sport was voted the overall Reader’s Choice Award.

2016 Car of the Year – Judges vote:



Budget buy

Kia Picanto


Audi A3

Family Sedan

Audi A4

Luxury sedan

BMW 7 Series

Multi-purpose vehicle

Kia Sedona

Green car

Volvo XC90 T8

Compact Crossover/SUV

Hyundai Tucson (Overall Winner)

Large Crossover/SUV

Volvo XC90


Mazda MX-5

Lifestyle Bakkies

Ford Ranger

Sports Car

Ford Mustang

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