5 Steps To Finding The Right Pre-Loved Car For You

What defines the “right” pre-loved car? Well, that one is up to you. Broad and vague … we know, although it is true. But do not worry, do not fear, Auto Pedigree is here! We have compiled a useful list of steps to assist your approach in finding the right pre-loved car for you. 

What Do You Need From Your Pre-loved Car? 

What you need from your pre-loved car depends entirely on your preferences and the lifestyle you maintain, so finding a used car that is capable of your requirements is first on the list. Specific cars cater well to specific needs. From a functional standpoint, trucks and bakkies are well suited for heavy-duty lifting and transportation. If you simply like to drive in style, we can suggest an array of classy top-tier pre-loved cars that fit the bill. 

Know Your Spending Limits 

Analyse what you bring home after all expenses, set a budget, and keep to it as much as possible. Financing your pre-loved car is a reality for most unless you will be paying in cash. Staying within the green area from month to month, your used car should be around 10-15% of your monthly income after expenses. This may lessen the number of options in the hunt for you, making it that much easier to narrow down your dream vehicle. 

Remember That Nothing Set In Stone

It is likely that many shoppers enter the market with hearts set on a specific make and model, but after test driving a few, they fall in love with something else. It is extremely likely that the pre-loved car for you is one that you haven’t even considered yet. It is definitely worth your while having an idea of what you wish to see yourself driving out of the dealership in, but prepare to have your head turned! The options are boundless. 

Test-Drive Your Chosen Pre-Loved Car

A test drive is absolutely mandatory in your decision-making process, so set aside a few hours for this one. Here is your opportunity to feel the wind in your hair before making any commitments. This step is overlooked by many, and some pay a hefty price for it. Take this opportunity to ensure that from top to bottom, you are satisfied with the car in question. 

Take Your Pick 

Once you’ve tasted each option and test-driven each pre-loved car on your list, take your pick. Don’t feel pressured if your mind is in a muddle, this decision should be crystal clear and you should feel entirely confident with the car you choose to take you home. Remember that perfect may be inaccessible or it may look different to what you initially thought. However, we will bring you as close to it as we possibly can. Ask us for our advice... find a dealer near you and fire off a few questions about your chosen car brands.

We hope these steps have offered you some guidance in locating the right pre-loved car for you, and we are available to you for any other questions or concerns. Chat to the Auto Pedigree team if you have any doubt.