8 Things you should know about motor vehicle light

Day or night, rain or shine, vehicle bulbsare one of the most important parts on your car. But they are often taken forgranted because even when any one of them stops working, your car will stillkeep moving.

Indicator lights, head lamps, and rear lampsare crucial for safe and responsible driving. One of the crucial functions theyperform is to act as signals for other road users.

Indicating to turn is a warning to other roadusers - drivers and pedestrians alike - of your intention. So even though itmay sometimes seem obvious to you, it really isn't to the person crossing theroad at a traffic circle. Front and rear lamps are not only for your benefit toenable you to see in low light, but also for the other road users to see you - thisis relevant even before it gets dark.

These are some of the common things youshould know about vehicle lighting:

  1. Bulb lifevaries from vehicle to vehicle. To avoid any unwanted and unnecessaryconsequences, they should be checked regularly and with every maintenance service.
  2. One of themain causes of bulb burn out is condensation. Look outfor moisture build up inside the casings of your head and tail lights.
  3. With manycars, detecting an indicator light is about to reach the end of its life isquite simple. If it starts to flash faster than usual or stops flashing alltogether, it's time for a replacement.
  4. Fuses arealso a reason for lighting problems. These are normally located under thevehicle's dashboard, in the engine compartment, or the boot and are notdifficult to replace.
  5. Whenreplacing any lights, make sure they are the right colour and don't be temptedto apply any form of tint to the lamps.
  6. Halogen isthe most commonly used and least expensive type of bulb used in vehicles today.
  7. Xenon aremore expensive than halogen, are brighter, and last longer. These are suitableif you tend to drive often at night on less busy roads.
  8. LEDs areenergy-efficient, last long, and lend themselves to varying designs in carmanufacture.

Ultimately, excellent visibility and being visible is crucial at alltimes on our roads, and driving without properly functioning lights isillegal.  For a comprehensive guide visithttps://arrivealive.co.za/Lighting-Head-Lamps-and-Spot-Lights-on-Vehicles-and-Rules-of-the-Road

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