Buying A Car This December

December is one of the most exciting months of the year when many people make big purchases such as vehicles. If you’re planning on purchasing your first vehicle this month, here are a few questions you should be asking yourself. Will the purchase be in cash or through vehicle finance? What kind of vehicle insurance can I afford, and will I be able to maintain the vehicle’s monthly payments from fuel to minor or major services? To answer your questions here is some advice we can give you. 

Budget Is Key

While the festive season may see many people with extra cash, it's important to purchase a vehicle that is within your day-to-day budget. And one that you have been planning for financially. By this we mean, you have allocated your estimated monthly payments for the vehicle, including insurance, fuel and regular service. If you have, then the vehicle you choose should be within your planned budget and not on the account of inconsistent extra cash. 

Insurance Is Peace of Mind

Finding vehicle insurance involves a lot of research. This is because you want to get the best deal for your vehicle as well as your pocket. There are three options to choose from; comprehensive vehicle insurance, theft and fire and third-party only. In the event that your vehicle is purchased through vehicle finance, banks prefer comprehensive vehicle insurance to be taken out as it protects the asset (vehicle) and yourself in the likelihood of an accident. If you’re unsure of which vehicle insurance to choose, all Auto Pedigree dealerships brokers will assist you in negotiating a deal suitable for you. 

Vehicle Service A Lifestyle

To get the best out of your vehicle and to maintain its value, ensuring that it gets regularly serviced is key. During your vehicle purchasing process, vehicle service funds were allocated. These will come in handy in January if road trips far and wide are on the cards. Vehicle maintenance is not only about visiting a service centre, but it's also about daily travels, pouring petrol, checking for water and oil, tyre pressure, keeping it clean and being a good driver. These small but very important acts keep your vehicle running for longer and add to its value. 

When purchasing your vehicle this December, all our Auto Pedigree dealerships will assist you in finding the right set of wheels. Visit our dealerships here