Buying Your Teenager a Car

For South Africans from all walks of life,getting from A to B comes with its own unique set of challenges. Aside from the underlying problem of a scant and limited public transportation system, if,when and where there is public transportation - it leaves much to be desired.

City bus services tend to run mainly during the week and peak hours, and minibus taxis don’t necessarily have their passengers’safety in mind. The R32 billion Gautrain project now in its sixth year caused frustration earlier in the year when it ran into major technical problems. Even Uber have been subjected to some unfortunate incidences, and self-drive cars are decades away from these sunny shores.

Clearly owning a car is still a big necessity for many South African urban dwellers, and if your teenager is next in line fora purchase, you have some important considerations to make. What your teen wants is often not what you think your teen actually needs, especially when the youth are the greatest menace on the road in this country.

The good thing is that Auto Pedigree has a wide range of options of cars to buy that are fun to drive as well as being safe and reliable – a balance that should make both you and your teen happy.


Remember that there is more than just the cost of the monthly car repayments. Vehicle insurance and third party insurance are absolute necessities, especially with a new young driver behind the wheel. You do not want to be still paying off a car that has been written off, nor do you want to be in any legal battles if your teenager was the cause of an accident.

Other more immediate considerations to budget for that come part and parcel with owning a car are regular maintenance service checks, tyres, and of course the cost of fuel.


It doesn’t help you or your teenager to buy‘cheap’. Unless you happened to be at the right place at the right time and got lucky, cheap cars are often expensive cars in the long run. Buy the best quality car you can afford 

Test drive it. You have the experience, so both you and your teenager should take the car for a drive. You’ll be amazed at the different viewpoints and how helpful this can be.


Teenagers have different needs to their parents.Instead of children, they transport friends, instead of large boots they prefer large speakers. Are the cup holders big enough to fit their water bottles in? Bear all the needs of your teenager in mind when choosing the right car.


With the advancements of electronics and car technology, modern cars are now safer than ever before. This does not mean that all modern cars have a good safety rating. Euro NCAP allows you to compare vehicle sand identify the safest choice for your teenager’s needs.

Ensure that the car you are buying meets with safety standards and road worthy inspections. The DEKRA in association with the Automobile Association offer a range of professional vehicle examinations designed to help you identify vehicle flaws, and make an informed decision when purchasing a car for your teenager.

For safety on the road, the Auto Pedigree PlusPlan offers 24 hour assistance all year round for two years after you purchase a car from AutoPedigree. This includes roadside assistance, medical emergency assistance, and counselling for your teenager should they involved in a traumatic vehicle-related incident.

To find out more about the Auto Pedigree PlusPlan or any other enquiries, contact us online or call us on. 010 593 9505