Car safety features for young drivers

Research shows that car accident rates are highest amongst teenagers than any other age for both males and females. This risk is highest soon after they obtain their drivers license, and increases with late night driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, and driving with friends in the car.  

Safety is undoubtedly the most important feature for inexperienced drivers, and while the best safety system is driving responsibly and attentively at all times, young drivers need all the help they can get. 

So while your teenager might want a car that reflects their personality and lifestyle, before you begin shopping, always put safety ahead of everything and consider the following factors.

Buy Low Mileage, Newer Models

Dont buy an old car for your teen. The old mini you have had from the 70s may be filled with character and still going strong, but is not quite suitable for a teenager. Though it may be romantic to hand down the heritage from your youth, vehicles this old have no safety features fit for a young driver.

Sturdy Over Light

Buy the sturdiest vehicle you can afford for your young driver. Though lighter cars have the advantage of better fuel economy and are more nimble to handle, heavier cars tend to be sturdier and provide better protection in an accident.

Safety in New Technology

Older models lack the new technology that newer models have. These are some safety features for you to consider:

  1. Electronic stability control  ESC technology detects the skidding or swerving of a vehicle and helps stabilise and apply brakes to help control the vehicle.  This is an important life-saving feature for inexperienced drivers.
  2. Anti-lock brakes" When roads are slick or wet, responsible drivers know to slow down and be patient. Young drivers have yet to develop this habit, and need a fair amount of help in rainy conditions or oil patches on the road.  Brakes can lock up, making the driver lose control of steering and braking.  Many older cars dont have anti-lock brakes, another reason why buying a newer model for your teenager makes better sense.
  3. Forward collision warning system" FCW helps reduce collisions in the front of your car. It does so with the use of radar that detects vehicles or other obstacles in front, and calculates the distance between the car and the obstacle. If the distance is close enough for risk of a collision the system alerts the driver in time to react, thus avoiding a potentially fatal accident.
  4. Automatic Emergency Braking" This system is sometimes paired with Forward Collision Warning as a back up in case the driver fails to heed or react fast enough to the warning signal.

Finally, we have to reiterate that there is no better safety system than careful and attentive driving. No safety system offered by technology can prevent an accident on its own. Young drivers should not see these systems as a replacement for good driving in any situation.

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