Car Safety Features You Should Know

Whether you’re looking for a private use car or a family vehicle, it's important to know that these standard safety features are available in your next vehicle purchase. In the event of an accident, they will be able to assist you and your loved ones. Here are some safety features that all drivers, especially new car buyers should look for when purchasing a vehicle for the first time. 

While some of these come standard in most vehicles, it's important to know what is available and what to look for when shopping around for a vehicle to suit your needs. 

Safety Systems

These are the standard features, which should be available in every vehicle by law like seatbelts, which should be available for the driver as well as the passengers. 

Anto-Lock Brake Systems (ABS)

ABS as its commonly known is a system that prevents your vehicle wheels from locking when brakes are applied. Its sensors which are found on each wheel prevent uncontrollable movement. If the wheels were to lock up, this would prevent the driver from being able to control the movement of the vehicle.

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) 

Is a safety system that helps to sense when a possible collision will occur. It will then independently activate the brakes to slow the vehicle down or bring it to a stop to avoid a collision. 

Driver And Side Airbags

In an accident, airbags are released within milliseconds for the front passengers to minimize the forced impact of a collision. 

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

It is a system that improves driving stability, when necessary, on any road or tyre grip. It also prevents the drive wheels from spinning uncontrollably. 

Traction Control

It’s an electronic system that works and uses the same system as that of the ABS to help prevent the wheel from spinning. 

Adaptive Headlights

Unlike traditional headlights that are fixed to one position of the vehicle. Adaptive headlights use electronic sensors that can detect your steering angle or direction and adjust themselves accordingly.

While other features such as tyre pressure monitor, blind spot monitoring as well as the reverse camera may be standard in some vehicles, they are not mandatory in others. These are features which would be an add-on. 

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