Car Service History Explained - What Is It And Why Is It Important?

Car service history manuals indicate that a vehicle has been serviced or maintained regularly, at the correct intervals, and to the standards of the manufacturer. 

The full-service history (or FSH) shows the complete assemblage of these repair and maintenance documents for each service and is usually found in the cubbyhole of the vehicle. It also ensures that the services are completed using manufacturer-approved parts.  

A full-service history is extremely useful both when in the market to buy a used car and when you’re trying to sell your old vehicle. As the purchaser, a car service history gives you peace of mind that you know the FSH of the vehicle before you buy it. This gives you a general idea of the condition of the used vehicle and what to expect of it, should you purchase it. 

All Auto Pedigree dealers will provide you with the service history of the car you're buying, so don't be afraid to enquire about it upfront.

As the seller, it can be useful to have the car service history of the old vehicle as it’s a big selling point for possible buyers. 

The car service history can be maintained even when a vehicle's service plan or warranty runs out, by having the manual signed and stamped when carrying out maintenance.

It can help car owners keep track of when their vehicle is due for a service as well as how much they generally spend on maintaining their vehicle. 

A full-service history can be helpful for vehicle owners, buyers and sellers and is relatively easy to keep track of. We hope this article has done the job of explaining car service history to you.

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