Child Safety On The Road This December

First-time family holidays can be stressful, and it is crucial that we stay on top of the game at all times. Child safety on the road is imperative during the holiday season, and sometimes we all need a little reminder. Auto Pedigree assures all our customers of reliable used cars to get them safely from A to B, but it pays to make note of some other safety points that will make a difference too.

We have compiled a summarised list of important points to remember regarding child safety on the road during the holiday season. 

Child Safety 101 - Strap In 

Ensure that car seats are fitted correctly, as car seat manufacturers are all different and particular to themselves. Follow the instructions provided with the car seat and prevent the potential danger of a car seat that is installed incorrectly. 

Avoid Obstructions

Keep blankets and coverings over the straps of your childs’ car seat and keep the layers between the straps and your child, as well as behind or underneath your child, to a minimum.   

Child Lock Your Doors

Simply as a precautionary measure, it is suggested that you apply child-lock to prevent your child from opening the door while the car is in motion or without your knowledge. These locks can be easily located in your car and usually appear in the form of a switch. 

Don’t Unbuckle Until It Is Safe To Do So

You shouldn’t unstrap your child while the vehicle is moving, crying and all, as this can lead to fatal misjudgments and distractions that risk the lives of every single passenger. 

Get A Perfectly Fitted Car Seat

Ensure that the car seat belt is adjusted correctly to secure your child. A loose buckle will do less to protect your child should you be involved in a collision and a tight buckle can hurt your child. Pay close attention to this point. 

We encourage all parents to be mindful of the security of their families on the road this holiday season. Time spent with loved ones will forever be unmatched, and it is crucial that we drive and act responsibly on the road to keep them safe. 

Find yourself a reliable used car to get you to your destination safely. Each used car we sell comes with our 116-Point Quality Check, so you can rest assured that the car you drive off in will keep your family safe.