Everything You Wanted To Know About Electric Cars

In today's society technology advances consistently and quickly and we feel the effects of this in many areas. One such area is vehicles. We’ve put together an article about everything you wanted to know about electric cars and the future of auto sales. Give it a read and let our Auto Pedigree team know if you have any questions.

What Are Electric Cars?

With the state of the climate, many countries are taking steps to phase out the sale of internal combustion engines. Vehicle industry observers believe that the EV revolution has begun and that electric car sales will rapidly overtake those of petrol and diesel. This is evident by the rate of development of EVs by car manufacturers. Many big car brands either currently, or in the near future aim to, primarily produce electric cars. This technological evolution is driving auto sales towards electric vehicles. In 2020, over 11 million registered electric vehicles were in the world globally, this number is predicted to increase to 145 million by the end of the decade.

Costs Of An Electric Car

With the rapid growth of the EV market, it’s estimated that the costs of producing batteries and therefore the price of electric cars will decrease as the market grows. Already we’ve seen a decrease in the costs of manufacturing EVs. We saw the same pattern with the internet, as the market grows prices drop and consequently performance increases. This encourages more people to make the switch.

Electric Cars In South Africa

Overseas countries are making adaptations to encourage and ease the switch towards electric cars, will South Africa do the same? Currently only 1000 out of more than 12 million cars are electric in South Africa, however the government is planning incentives to support the production of new energy vehicles. While South Africa faces challenges that other countries don’t, with the strain on the electric grid, the long-term cost effectiveness and environmental pros are motivating factors for the country to grow the market. 

Electric cars were once a foreign and seemingly obsolete idea, but it is evident that is changing. There is progress to be made before EVs take over auto sales from their petrol and diesel equivalents, but it is possible.

We will keep you in the loop about electric cars and how they start to shift the used car market. For now, you can search and source high-quality used cars on our website from any of our reliable used car dealers.