How To Check Your Brake Pads - Car Safety 101

Taking ownership of a vehicle means maintenance, and maintenance neglected for too long can sometimes end up being expensive. Crucial to your safety and one of the simplest aspects to maintain are your brake pads. There are many ways to determine how healthy your brakes are, and we have compiled a brief list of some of them. Welcome to Auto Pedigree’s Car Safety 101. 

Check Your Brake Pads From The Outside 

One trustworthy way to keep tabs on your brake pads is to check the exterior. If your wheel can’t be removed to get a closer look, simply shine a torchlight directly through the wheel trim, allowing you close inspection of your brake pads. Do they look worn? They might need to be replaced.

Listen Closely

Another easy way to determine the health of your brake pads is to listen to them. Designed to create a sound as the brakes start to erode, listening for worn brakes can be the easiest way to check your brake pads. They will start to screech and make a sound of metal scratching on metal.

Balance Is Key 

Brakes wear away differently at different times. If your brake pads need attention, it is possible that they have eroded unevenly, which can cause your vehicle to become unbalanced and unstable. Judged by the way your car stops, as your car may veer to the side of the car that has stronger brakes. If this is happening, you more than likely need to change your brake pads.

Brake To Check Your Brake Pads 

The final way to test the true performance of your brakes is to do just that - brake. Factors to consider when making this observation are the distance at which you stop and the amount of pressure applied to the brakes. The stopping distance indicates just how well your brakes will perform when you really need them to, while the pressure applied should be minimal so that in the case of an emergency, they lock completely. 

The last thing you want to overlook is the condition of your brakes and brake pads. Avoid getting caught in a dangerous driving situation with faulty brake pads. Hopefully this guide offered you some guidance in checking your brake pads so that you can venture out onto South African roads in safety.

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