How To Choose A Second-Hand Car That Reflects Your Lifestyle

Many things are considered when it comes to purchasing a vehicle, namely budget, mileage, style, reliability, comfort, and safety. Additionally, different vehicle types are suited to different lifestyles. We'll be going over a few different lifestyles and which vehicles suit each.

Second-Hand Cars For Adventurers

Are you the type that’s always out on an adventure? The main second-hand car to consider is a sport utility vehicle (SUV). SUVs have excellent cargo and cabin space, four to eight seats, and a rear door that lifts up, as well as being equipped with four-wheel drive. Off-road, they really perform, which means the outdoors are your oyster!

City Folk Driving

If you reside in a city with bustling traffic, a hatchback or sedan could be for you. Hatchbacks usually seat five and are perfect for nipping through traffic. Sedans are an option for those who need a little more cargo space as they have a detached trunk. If clutch control in traffic isn’t your strong suit, look into automatic second-hand cars for those gridlocked days in Jozi central.


Those that work on the road for long periods of time could go for sedans, in the case of drivers who need space for passengers; or trucks for those that carry more cargo. Whichever second-hand car you choose, make sure to test-drive for comfortability. 

Luxurious And Driver-Focused

If you like comfort, style, and power, a convertible or coupe could be the second-hand car for you. Both vehicles seat two, the difference being a coupes’ roof is fixed, while a convertibles’ is retractable.

Family-Orientated Used Vehicles

For smaller and regular-sized families a sedan or station wagon (with five seats and lots of cargo space) could be the car for you. For larger families, a minivan would be better suited as they seat six to eight with plenty of cargo space.

To choose a second-hand car that reflects your lifestyle: consider your size requirements, where you live, and where you’ll be driving. If you need guidance in your decision or are ready to commit, contact Auto Pedigree today or find a car dealer near you.