How To Prolong The Life Of Your Second-Hand Car

Being in the business of selling second-hand cars in South Africa, we've also made it our business to offer good advice on keeping those cars running ship-shape.

Purchasing a car is a hefty investment, and a good amount of maintenance along the road is required. This is especially true in instances of a second-hand car as there may be pre-existing issues that need attention, aside from the fact that older cars generally need more maintenance than newer ones. We have put together a few of the main ways you can keep your baby rolling for longer. 

Drive Smoothly  

First and foremost, we have to drive with care. It is imperative that you know the controls of your car and how to use them, and it is just as important to use them with care. This decreases the overall wear and tear on your car, keeping it going for longer and saving you money on maintenance. This also refers to avoiding rough potholes and treacherous roads. 

Use Your Aircon  

Although many may not know this, using your air conditioner is better for your car. The air conditioner has the potential to leak gas over time, particularly when it hasn’t been used in a while. 

Look After Your Car Battery

If your car hasn’t been used in some time, it may be that your battery is taking a hit. In some cases, it may even go flat and require a jumpstart, which puts strain on your battery. Overall, taking care of your battery will keep your car healthier for longer and save you money on battery maintenance. 

Change Filters Frequently 

Oil and air filters are traps for gunk and dust, thus it is in your best interest to clean and replace them frequently. They are meant to be replaced once a year and this is generally part of your yearly service, although the task is relatively simple and can be done yourself. 

Car Cover 

Keeping your car covered, whether it be in a garage or with the use of a car cover, keeps your car out of harm's way. Parking your car in an exposed spot, in turn, allows opportunities for accidental damage and theft to arise. 

Avoid Running Low On Fuel 

Running low on fuel forces your car to use up every last bit of fuel in the tank, which sometimes contains bits of debris, dirt, and air. These can block up the system and eventually keep your car from starting. 

When we’ve been on the road for years, it becomes second nature to drive in a certain way. This isn’t always conducive to a long-lasting vehicle, so we hope this has offered some guidance on how to prolong the life of your second-hand car.