How To Take Good Care Of Your Tyres

The importance of taking care of your vehicle's tyres cannot be overstated. Responsible motorists should take an interest in the condition of their tyres, not just to avoid a costly repair bill but also to ensure the safety of other road users. Properly taking care of your tyres and identifying potential tire-related issues is an important part of owning a vehicle. We'll discuss how you can properly take care of your tyres to make them last longer.

Tyre Pressure Level

All four tyres should be inflated to the recommended pressure level, which can be found in the vehicle’s manual, the driver’s-side door sill or even behind the fuel door. Under inflation is one of the most common problems with tyres, leading to accelerated wear.

Tyre Profile

This refers to the distance from the rim's end to the tyre's edge. It is also one of the formats that determine the tyre size. It is important to drive tires with the right sidewall height and recommended size for your vehicle. Using tyres that don’t meet the vehicle’s requirements will result in rubbing against the wheel well, lower fuel efficiency or even inaccurate readings on the speedometer.

Regular Tyre Rotation

Rotating your tyres regularly is essential to even out their wear and get extended life or mileage out of them. For the best performance from your tyres, it is recommended that you rotate them every 8000 – 10 000 km or once in 6 months.

Proper Vehicle Alignment

Poor wheel alignment is one of the leading causes of uneven tread wear as it puts more stress on your tyres. Another sign that your vehicle’s tyres are unbalanced is vibration. Vibration when driving is damaging to your tyre and can prematurely wear your tyres and cause flat spots on the tread.

Regular Damage Check

Tyres can become damaged for various reasons. The most common types are punctures, cuts, impacts and irregular wear. It is important to regularly check that there is no damage to your tyres and drive cautiously to avoid incidents that could cause damage.

Good tyre care is necessary for your safety on the road and to keep your vehicle in good condition. Our exceptionally skilled staff provide you with expert workmanship and greater peace of mind on the road. Find a service centre near you.