Less Road Rage More Patience

Road rage is a significant social problem that is described as aggression displayed by motorists towards other motorists or pedestrians. Road rage is a silent killer, we’re here to help you avoid it so that we can all be safe on the roads.

Why Does Road Rage Occur?

Before we dive into the dangers of road rage, let’s illuminate the reasons why road rage happens. Lack of sleep can cause a lack of patience and the ability to control our emotions which causes road rage. Time management is another reason, as running late can make us reckless as well as cause us to take our frustration out on other drivers. Finally sitting in traffic is likely to frustrate anyone which gives rise to road rage.

Dangers Of Road Rage

The most obvious and devastating danger of road rage is the risk of getting into an accident or physical altercation with the other person which could injure or kill any involved. Additionally, road rage can have a negative impact on our mental and physical health by causing high levels of stress and anger. 

How To Avoid Road Rage

Make sure you get enough rest and avoid driving when you’re tired or overwhelmed so that you aren’t unnecessarily frustrated on the roads. Plan your journeys and make sure you have ample time to get there without rushing or getting frustrated with slower drivers or possible traffic. Keep your calm on the roads, when you feel yourself losing patience take deep soothing breaths and remember that how other people drive is not your concern. 

Ultimately, everyone on the road has somewhere to be and needs to get there safely. Keep to your lane, keep a cool head and remember that arriving a bit late is better than not arriving at all.

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