Looking for a low mileage used car to buy

When looking to buy a used car the question that is often asked is: How much mileage should a car have, (or not have). Much like the answer to 'how long is a piece of string?': It depends.The main factor depends on whom you are buying from, because the overall condition of the car makes all the difference. In some cases it’s better to buy a well-maintained used car with a somewhat higher mileage than a car with lower mileage but hasn’t seen an oil change in its life.

When it comes to condition, if you’re buying a used car from a private seller, it’s more difficult to gauge the car’s condition, especially its internal moving parts. Some car owners will have invested time and effort in taking care of the vehicle, but besides the standard regular service, there’s no way of ensuring this. Since the mechanics of a car is made up of many working parts, no matter how well one maintains it, they eventually do wear out.

So all things being equal, it seems to makes better sense to buy the car with lower kilometres on the clock.

Low Mileage Fleet Cars

Fleet cars are company-owned vehicles, and are so-named because they belong to a larger group of vehicles.

In many cases, fleet vehicles are only kept until a certain mileage before being replaced and sold. It is in the interest of the company who owns the fleet to keep their vehicles in top condition at all times and for the entire duration of ownership. For this reason these cars tend to be in better shape than most privately owned vehicles. Unlike privately owned cars where the inclination to delay a service is tempting, fleet cars are generally maintained exactly on schedule. Therefore, if you’re looking for a low mileage vehicle in good condition and at a decent price, these vehicles are a good option.

Look for Dealers with Reputation

Buying a vehicle from a reputable dealer tends to carry less risk because they are properly equipped to carrying out detailed inspection checks and are able to provide you with a warranty.

There are a number of options when it comes to finding low mileage cars to buy, whether from a private seller, an auction, or a second hand car dealer. Our advice is that should you choose to buy from a used car dealer, ensure that it is a reputable dealership, and that they offer you a detailed quality check, warranty, and proven mileage.

Buying an Auto Pedigree vehicle gives a car buyer even more advantage because all our cars are low mileage late models, and are quality-checked before it arrives in the showroom. Furthermore:

  1. Most of our vehicles still carry the balance of the original OEM warranty.
  2. Some of our vehicles still carry the balance of the maintenance plan.
  3. All our vehicles* have proven mileage.
  4. All our vehicles* have a proven service history with accredited OEM service agents.
  5. All our vehicles are subjected to a 116-point quality check.
  6. All our vehicles carry a 30-day exchange plan.


So if you’re looking for a great deal on a low mileage second hand car, we have a wide range to choose from. Simply use our easy search facility to find a car online or contact your nearest Auto Pedigree dealer today.


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