Looking To Sell Your Car? - Fast, Reliable Expert Service

There is no better time to sell your car than right now. Quality used second-hand cars are the biggest commodity in the motoring industry to date. At Auto Pedigree we will use our expert advice to get you the best deal when you sell your vehicle to us.

Selling your vehicle is a nerve-wracking event and no matter how many times you have done it before, the jitters will always be there. If you’re new to this, take a deep breath and don’t panic, research will ease your worries and any concerns you may have.

Be prepared by knowing what paperwork is needed from you, the seller.

  1. Identification Document or Drivers license 
  2. Vehicle Reg Certificate
  3. Settlement letter 
  4. Proof of ownership
  5. Notification of Change of Ownership 

As the seller, you should have a checklist of what buyers are looking for and what you’re able to offer. This will help to determine your vehicle price, your vehicle model’s popularity, and whether a possible market-related offer can be expected.

It’s equally important to disclose any faults or accident history the vehicle may have been involved in. This will give the buyer an idea of the maintenance condition as well as its service history. To omit this information would be an illegal act under the Consumer Protection Act.

Four Ways To Sell Your Car

There are many ways to sell your vehicle, let’s dive into the four most popular ways:

  1. Selling Your Car To A Dealership 

With one click, you can sell your vehicle to most dealerships online. You can visit an Auto Pedigree branch for an assessment. Once an evaluation is conducted, a market-related offer will be made. Hassle-free! And within 24 hours. Our friendly and highly trained staff will call you to book a viewing of your vehicle where an appraisal will be conducted and a market-related offer made. Our structure is designed to give you peace of mind and a process that is quick, easy, and convenient for you.    

  1. Trading In Your Car

When you exchange your old vehicle for a new one with the purchasing price of the old one. For a market-related offer, it’s advisable to visit your nearest dealership where an appraisal can be conducted to get a sense of the vehicle’s maintenance and overall condition. It will be checked for service and accident history and its popularity in the market. All these play a role in its value.

  1. Private Vehicle Sale

This is when your vehicle is sold to an interested buyer with no facilitator. An interested buyer can be an individual, a car dealership, or a company. We advise that all necessary research is conducted to get the best market-related deal and to watch out for possible scammers. Always practise safety and caution when meeting with potential buyers and finance is discussed.

  1. Selling Your Car Through An Auction 

While this may be the fastest way to sell your car, it needs you to exercise a lot of caution, a lot more research conducted and an understanding that market-related offers may not be what you will receive. When dealing with auction houses, it's vital to check their history and credibility. Also, pay close attention to reviews left by others as it’s a great way to know more about the house.

Be mindful that the amount the vehicle is sold for will not be the full amount as a certain portion goes to the auction house for selling your car. Whichever method you choose, it's important to do enough research and to understand what your rights are. While time may be of the essence when you’re looking to sell your car, you don’t want to short change yourself by acting too quickly. 

For expert assistance from one of our qualified sales consultants, simply contact Auto Pedigree.