Road Trip Ideas For South Africans

South Africa is a treasure trove of experience, bursting at the seams with breath-taking views. It is an unspoken rite to road-trip some of South Africa’s best routes every once in a while. But where does one even begin? Out of holiday season is a great time to travel because it’s not too hot and the roads are quieter than during the bustle of summer. However, anytime is good too because South Africa has such a great climate year-round. The Auto Pedigree team has put together some great road trip ideas for South Africans.

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A Trip Through The Wild Coast

The Wild Coast is located in the Eastern Cape and stretches a good 350km from the coastal city of East London all the way south to the border of KwaZulu-Natal. This particular spectacle lives true to its name, known great and wide for its rugged beauty. It is a segment of the country that has remained almost untouched. 

Travel through the Wild Coast’s rolling hills, along the jagged coast, and marvel at the untamed beaches and jungle that surrounds it. The inland region is strewn with traditional rondavels and rustic farms. Formerly known as the Transkei, the Wild Coast was once home to some of South Africa’s greats and is saturated with heritage to be seen and experienced. 

There Is Always Time For The Panorama Route 

When faced with the option, would you rather travel the quicker, less exciting route or the slightly longer, breathtakingly blissful route? This is quite literally the situation you will encounter passing through Mpumalanga. 

The Panorama Route guides you along South Africa’s highest tar road, giving you the best possible view of the spectacular mountain ranges and tranquil valleys, dotted with beautiful waterfalls and diverse plant and animal life. If you aren’t in a hurry, we suggest adding the Panorama Route to your road trip agenda. 

The Enchanted Garden … Route

At the very top of South Africa’s list of treasures, we have the incomparable Garden Route. For about 200km from Mossel Bay to Storms River Mouth along the coast, you will not believe your eyes. No description could do this beauty any justice, the Garden Route is simply one of those ‘you had to be there’ experiences. 

As stated in the name, the Garden Route is especially known for the otherworldly atmosphere given off by the sublime vegetation and picturesque beaches. The Knysna Forest is well-known for its alluring hiking and mountain biking trails, and of course its resident forest elephant population. 

South Africa is a gift that simply keeps on giving, with endless sights to be seen and experiences to be experienced. It is overflowing with natural beauty and mystery. Hopefully, this has offered some inspiration for your road trip in South Africa. 

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