Selling your bakkie or SUV for a sedan, should you consider this surprisingly spacious switch?

It is no secret that South Africans have had a long love affair with bakkies. Whether it be for agricultural uses or as an everyday car. With so many advantages to owning a bakkie such as off-road driving with ease and being able to carry heavy loads. One's priorities do change over time.

The family could be getting bigger or smaller, geographical location could be changing, etc there are various reasons to consider changing the type of car you drive.

Auto Pedigree has plenty of car options to choose from in the bakkie, SUV, and sedan categories and we are here to help make the transition seamless.

SUVs and sedans have become incredibly popular with drivers and you probably already have a preference, but the best fit for your needs may be more complicated than previously thought.
One of the top commonalities between SUVs and sedans is that they are both incredibly popular.

There are several advantages of a sedan to keep in mind while shopping: 

  • Lighter on fuel - they are lighter than most bakkies and SUVs and carefully tuned for optimal efficiency.
  • The lower driving position, along with the fact that major controls are generally within easier reach, make it the better choice for the enthusiast.
  • Faster with equivalent power - cutting through the wind with less resistance means you save on fuel, but it also improves power and is ultimately better for the environment.
  • Sleeker look, lower to the ground, and less bulky.
  • Safer than SUVs - they are closer to the ground in turn offering better handling and a more comfortable drive than SUVs or bakkies. The low ground clearance makes it easier to get in and out of the car.

This shouldn’t deter you from purchasing an SUV. Should your primary needs include more cargo
space, more towing capability, and the ability to go off-road, an SUV is a better choice. 

Should you be on the market for a second-hand bakkie, Sedan or SUV, Auto Pedigree is here to help make the process smooth, quick, and stress-free.