Take The Road Less Travelled This December Holiday

Our South African roads can be crowded, especially over the December holidays. We’ve researched some of the worst routes, dates, and times to be on the roads in order to prevent accidents on the road. Rather take the road less travelled this December. Enjoy some new sights and arrive at your destination safely.

Worst Dates And Times To Travel This December

Christmas is a time when many people want to visit friends, family, and other loved ones. This makes travelling in December a common idea with certain dates being the worst for travel in terms of time and population of the journey. Some Dates to avoid are the 20th of December, as it's the general last working day of the calendar year. 24th December is another one to avoid as well as the 31st of December. The journeys made to see family and efforts to make the New Years' jol tend to make the roads busy on these days. 

The general rule is that the earlier you start your journey, the better. Traffic tends to pile up between 12:00 and 15:00 and then again at around 17:00 to 21:00 so leaving it for the evening isn’t advisable. 

Which Busy Routes To Avoid This December

One of the worst routes to take in terms of December holiday driving safety is the N1 to Beitbridge. This route is notorious for delays as passports are checked at the border for Limpopo and Zimbabwe and there can be claims made about the spot being accident-prone. The N1 between Tshwane and Bela-Bela is another route that can be problematic as well. 

The N3 To Durban is commonly highly populated in the December holidays as plenty of city residents make their way down to KZN at this time.

The N4 to Maputo, connecting South Africa with Mozambique, as well as from Tshwane to Botswana can have dense traffic because they tend to be littered with roadworks and border posts.

The N2 to the North Coast is also notorious for constant maintenance, a multitude of toll gates and high chance of accidents.

If you could find alternatives to these few routes during the December holiday season, please do. Take care when they can’t be avoided, always remain vigilant when driving and always head off early to allow for unplanned disturbances. We appreciate your help in preventing accidents on the road and want you to arrive at your destination safely.

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