Ten Point Car Safety Check Before A Road Trip

As we near the festive season many South Africans will be on the roads, making their way to December holiday destinations. We’ve put together a list of things to check before you head off. Firstly, make sure you are in a reliable car. If you don’t have one, consult our collection of reliable used cars here.

Check Your Fluids 

Check your car's oil, coolant and brake fluid levels to ensure they’re all sufficiently filled. 

Check Your Lights

You can’t be sure what weather conditions you’ll be driving under so you want to ensure all of your lights are working. Additionally, older brake lights can sometimes blow from switching on and off during braking. 

Check Your Wipers

Make sure your windscreen wipers are effectively clearing the water from the windscreen. 

How Are Your Wheels And Tyres? 

If your tyre tread depth isn't good enough your car will lose traction and braking times will be extended, so it's advisable that you check your tyre tread before a roadtrip. Check the surface of your tyres for any damage, inflexion or bubbles. Tyre pressure should also be checked, regularly.

Brake Pad Wear

Another consideration is brake pad wear. The composite inner pad needs to be of at least a 5mm thickness. Check that your handbrake is functioning efficiently. 


Check for any leaks from the various components and hoses in your vehicle. Any leaks should be looked at by a technician. 

Drive Belts 

Inspect your drive belt for cracks, your drive belt needs to be working efficiently in order to avoid total engine shutdown. Your battery won’t charge and the engine could overheat, as the drive belt controls the water pump.

Check Your Spare Wheel

Ensure that your spare tyre, jack and spanner are all present in the vehicle as well as working. Check the spare wheels inflation and pressure before heading off. 


There are certain tests that can be done on the steering, such as whether or not the steering pulls in any direction which indicates a wheel alignment problem. 

Check Your Brakes And Clutch

Evaluate how the vehicle's brakes are functioning. It's essential that the vehicle can be controlled while braking. 

A car has many different parts that need to be functioning to the best of their abilities to ensure car safety before a road trip. This list is a good standard check to ensure December road safety.