The best cars for road trips in South Africa

This festive season why not explore your own beautiful city or country? A road trip is always a
good idea. Think of all the new memories you will create and the places you will discover.

Why wait… Let’s go. It’s as much about the journey as the destination itself, too, and the fuel stops
with family or friends. At Auto Pedigree you can find any car to suit your traveling requirements
with our Deal Assistance.

Below we elaborate on which car you should purchase depending on your road trip.

Discover magical off-track destinations, in one of Auto Pedigree’s, various single-cab and double-
cab bakkies. For off-road and camping trips, bakkies would be your best choice, here is why:

• It can travel on most gravel, tough, full of rocks or uneven surfaces that other cars won’t be able
to or have a difficult time traveling on
• They can conquer mountains and cross rivers
• They are basically heroes on for wheels - pulling other cars out of sticky situations
• Can carry a heavy load, from camping gear, tents, extra bags, and everything in between
• No tent, no problem. Bakkies with canopies can be turned into a sleeping paradise. Just throw in
a mattress.

At Auto Pedigree you are spoilt for choice with our range of SUV’s. For your frequent and long
drives along the Garden Route or the Coastline SUV is your best choice, here is why:

• Lots of space for all passengers to ride comfortably
• Good fuel economy
• More boot space for luggage and other equipment
• Greater towing capacity
• Entertainment systems to keep everyone entertained on the trip
• Basically, put together a station wagon with a truck and get the best of both worlds.

Whether you are buying a new car or trading in a car, Auto pedigree’s Deal Assistance of up to
R50,000 will help make the process easy peasy. With flexibility on how to use it. Ranging from a
deposit, cash back, settlement, defer your payment, or combination option.

Take advantage now and make this the best road trip ever!