The Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

Keeping your vehicle in good condition and service is one of the key things that vehicle owners can do to maintain their vehicle value. Doing so would help prevent mechanical and electrical problems from creeping up when least expected.

Being aware and vigilant of your vehicle’s change in driving or odd sounds coming from it is another way too. If ignored, these minor issues could end up costing you a lot of money in vehicle maintenance, repair, and service. 

To maintain your vehicle’s value, here is what you need to do. 

  • Keep the vehicle in its original condition with no added modifications as these tend to decrease the vehicle’s value. Much of a vehicle’s value is solely dependent on its maintenance plan, service history, vehicle brand, model and demand. These factors are what will determine your vehicle’s “future” market value. 
  • Service your vehicle regularly and record all major and minor services done to it. This will prevent the vehicle from experiencing mechanical issues which could burn a hole in your pocket. By keeping a service book, you are showing a potential buyer that the vehicle has been taken care of. 
  • Maintain its condition by avoiding excessive wear and tear. Don’t leave a scratch or dent for too long that it causes more damage to the vehicle. 
  • Park your vehicle in a safe place, preferably indoors to avoid any rust developing over time and the paintwork fading out.
  • Manage your mileage - if you’re planning to sell your vehicle at a particular time, ensure that the mileage of the vehicle is within selling limits. This is because mileage is also considered when looking to sell or trade in your vehicle. 
  • Conduct a full vehicle inspection a week before selling it or trading it in. Look at headlights that need to be polished, tyre pressure, any leaks, scratches and radio knobs apart from other small details that need replacement. 

Keeping your vehicle in pristine condition is pivotal in ensuring a market-related price should you decide to sell or trade in.