Tips For Checking The Service History Before Buying A Used Car

Looking to buy a used car is among the biggest common purchases made globally, with the sale of used cars increasing greatly over the years. The golden rule: never buy a used car without its service history. Granted, some used car sellers will be unable to provide you with service history, which is not necessarily a nail in the coffin. Here are some helpful tips for checking the service history before buying a used car. 

Used Cars With No Service History 

As many in the market for used cars will realise, car owners, don’t always keep a hold of service histories. This could be because the service histories have gotten lost, or been thrown out or the owner simply isn’t one for keeping documents like service histories. That being said, you may still be able to track the used car service histories down. If the used car received scheduled services with its official dealer, there will be a record of them which you can usually get a hold of quite easily. 

The problem comes in when the car owner doesn’t have the service history and there is no alternative route for you to acquire it. Overall, it is a risky endeavour to buy a used car without any service history. Often issues arise that can be problematically dangerous out on the road. 

What To Look For In The Used Car Service History 

The vehicle service history of a used car is made up of all previous maintenance work carried out on the car. Often this includes common jobs like oil changes, engine air filter replacements, windshield and battery check-ups, and replacements etc. It is also vital that spark plugs have been changed as worn down and faulty plugs could cause the engine to operate inefficiently, leading to increased fuel costs and potential breakdowns. Be sure to check that the used car service history states that the car is correctly aligned as this will prevent the need to replace all four tyres at one time as a result of uneven wear and tear. 

There are some service records that are direr than others. Ensuring that the timing belt has been changed frequently enough is vital as this is a particularly expensive service that can result in the timing belt snapping if it is neglected. Ultimately, without service records, it is almost impossible to know if and when the car has been maintained. 

Overall, a used car service history indicates that the previous owner has taken adequate care of the car and you won’t be setting yourself back by buying it. If the previous owner has kept up with maintenance and has the records to prove it, it can be assumed that the owner took pride in the car and it has been well looked after.

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