Top Five Must-Have Accessories In A Used Car

When buying a second-hand car, we often expect the car to feel and seem second-hand too. If you’re in the market for a used car, you want to get the best possible value for your money.

The following accessories are not essential, but they form a part of the most basic and implied accessories that you will want in your car and may easily overlook. 

Keep an eye out for the following accessories in the second-hand car that you choose to buy: 

1. Floor Mats

A detail that many will easily overlook is the floor mats. Your second-hand car should definitely have removable floor mats. They’re specifically sized to the footwells of your car and catch dirt and mud in an easily removable and cleanable mat.

2. Spare Tyre

Spare tyres are important for the most basic reason. If you’ve ever been stuck with a flat tyre and no replacement, you’ll understand why. Tyres also come at a cost, so it’s imperative that the used car you buy comes with one that is new and ready to fit in an emergency.

3. Jack And Wheel Spanner

A jack is a mechanical lifting device that raises the car when the tyre needs to be changed, and a wheel spanner loosens and tightens the nuts and bolts on a wheel. These tools are mandatory for changing a tyre, and also for the roadworthiness of your car. They can be expensive to buy if not included in the second-hand car deal. They are often also overlooked during purchase.

4. Decent Sound System

The sound system in your car can keep you company on long drives, making the commute to work a more pleasant experience. Check that the speakers in your used car are not blown or that the sound has not degraded over time. Check any aerials and make sure you test the overall sound quality of your used car sound system before buying the car. 

5. USB Or AUX For Smartphone Connectivity

Over time, lots of us threw out our CDs and stopped buying our favourite albums because all our music became available on our smartphones. Many cars now have Bluetooth, USB, or AUX options to connect your phone to the car sound system. Older models will be sold with only a CD player, which the car dealer may neglect to tell you. If you only listen to music off your smartphone, look out for these features. 

With all the excitement surrounding the purchase of a used car, you may forget to pay attention to the finer details. These five suggestions on what accessories to look for in your used car will offer you some direction.