Top motoring news in June 2017

Future Car Technologies

What does the future hold for the automotive industry? Driverless cars are already being tested on the road and internet connected systems are being integrated into vehicles, but there are a number of new technological advances still to come in the near future.

Planned Taxi Protest in July

A national taxi strike is on the cards just one month after the protests in Johannesburg in mid-June took place. The protests will target government entities with the purpose of highlighting issues the taxi industry is experiencing, such as operating licenses, transport subsidies, and the exclusion of the taxi industry from state-owned lending institutions. The strike is planned for 15 July, with no taxis operating for the full day.

Fuel Price Fall Phase 1

The price of all grades of petrol decreased by 25 cents on Wednesday, 7 June, while the price of diesel dropped by 23 cents. A welcome relief for motorists who saw a 30 cent increase in May. The reduction was the result of the rand’s gain against the US dollar in May, along with retreating international petroleum prices.

The AA’s medium-term outlook for the fuel price is that lower international petroleum prices will be key to maintaining local fuel price stability if the rand weakens again.

Fuel Price Fall Phase 2

After the fuel price fall in early June, another drop is expected in July, according to the Automobile Association. Again, this is the result of a strong rand and a declining international oil price. The AA said that the rand remained mostly stable against the US dollar in the first half of June, with strength in the currency contributing 3 cents a litre to the drop.

The sharp price decrease for petrol is between 60 – 64 cents a litre and 60 cents for diesel.


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