Trading in the Mommy Wagon

You’ve made enough school runs to earn you honourable mom-stripes, but now that the children have moved out and the mom-mobile has seen better days, what do you trade it in for? First, let’s talk about trade-ins.

What is a vehicle trade-in?

When it’s time to replace your existing car, trading it in for a new one is the easiest and most convenient method. Simply put, you are ‘swopping’ one for another at the same dealership.

To illustrate the basic steps for a trade-in:

  1. You decide on a replacement vehicle at a dealership
  2. Dealer checks the condition and assesses the value of your existing car
  3. Dealer provides you with a trade-in offer
  4. Should you accept the offer, the trade-in value is deducted from the price of the replacement car.

If your car is paid off the paperwork could be done and the deal signed on the same day.

Before going into a dealership to ask for a trade-in offer, get your current car’s book value so that you know what to expect. The better the condition of the car, the more chance of being offered a higher value.

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Cars for 3 Types of Modern Women

Once you’ve decided to trade-in your mom-mobile, you’ll need to assess your personal and lifestyle needs. Will you be using it mostly for work, commuting, weekend trips, or very rarely? Take all these factors into account before choosing the make and model solely on aesthetic appeal. We’ve selected a few cars that we think would suit three different types of modern women:

Cars for the career woman

Managing a demanding career and driving from meeting to meeting means you need a car that meets a modern woman’s communication needs.

  • BMW new 3-Series with on-board digital assistant
  • Hyundai Accent offers user-friendly tech features
  • Audi A3 offers great multimedia installations

Cars for the work-from-home woman

You’re a woman who has a lot on her plate and needs a reliable car that can multitask as well as her.

  • Mercedes Benz A-Class makes running from meetings to errands less of a chore
  • Honda Civic is economical and easy to drive
  • Toyota Hilux is a hard-working vehicle with decent fuel efficiency

Cars for the single woman

You’re an independent woman who has fewer family responsibilities now but still leads a full and busy life.

  • Hyundai i30 designed for the discerning driver
  • Volkswagen Jetta offers up enough individuality for the independent single woman
  • Honda Civic offers a good sound system and USB/Bluetooth connection for driving enjoyment.

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