Travel Checklist - Vehicle Interior Service

For many South Africans, December month is about travelling, visiting family and friends and those long-awaited vacations. With long trips on the cards, is the interior of your vehicle well-serviced to make the road less tiring? We’ll tell you vehicle parts that need servicing to make the ride more comfortable. And most importantly, to visit a service centre before going on that trip.

Travelling Vehicle Checklist

1. Air Conditioning
The South African weather during December tends to be hot. So be sure to have your air conditioner checked at a local service centre for any possible faults. When taking your vehicle for a service, ask the mechanic to check its refrigerant level as well.

2. Cooling System
Make sure that your vehicle has enough coolant and that it meets the manufacturer’s specifications. These specifications can be found in the vehicle’s manual. Servicing your cooling system regularly will prevent leaks or any unwanted surprises.

3. Batteries
Check your vehicle’s battery before hitting the road. Is it charged, does it have enough fluid or does it need to be changed? Be sure to have your mechanic check your battery before taking a trip. A flat battery means a stationary vehicle.

4. Vehicle Fluid
These fluids are engine oil, coolant (antifreeze), power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, brake fluid and transmission fluid ( for automatic vehicles only). They prevent the vehicle from overheating.

5. Lights
These lights must all be checked and where necessary be replaced. These include your interior and exterior lights such as headlights, rear, bright lights, front and back indicators as well as your hazard lights, reverse lights and most importantly your brake lights.

While all of the above is important, it's just as important to visit your nearest service centre for a minor or major service to avoid any unpleasant surprises on your travels. Our service centres are available in these areas for a quick pop-in.