Used Car Mileage Vs Age - Which Is More Important?

When looking into buying a used car, whether it is new or used, age and mileage are key contributors to the overall value of the car. However, over time the importance of the two measurements and what they actually symbolise isn’t as clear as it once was. Let’s take a look at what used car mileage and age are, and which is more important. 

Unpacking Used Car Mileage And Age? 

From the standpoint of car depreciation, used car mileage and age go hand-in-hand. To put it into perspective, which would be the better choice? A newer used car with a lot of miles on the clock, or an older used car with less miles? A confusing question, to say the least. 

Mileage refers to the cost of use, with the value and worth of the car depreciating the more it has been used. This is because parts of the car have an expected time period of endurance before they begin to operate at a reduced level. Simply put, the more miles on the clock, the more likely the car will be in need of some repairs down the road. On the other hand, age symbolizes the cost of time on the used car. Ultimately, with every year that the car grows older, its value depreciates accordingly. This is also due to the likelihood that it will require some TLC at some point. From the perspective of car depreciation, mileage and age go hand-in-hand. 

Which Is More Important? 

A newer car with high mileage will likely be equipped with improved tech and safety features. It will also likely have been mostly driven along motorways, meaning that the mileage on the car is what we call “good miles” as they aren’t as harsh on the car. Granted, it will still drop in value should you sell it in future. 

An older car with low mileage won’t depreciate too heavily, which is beneficial if you plan to sell it in future. However, it will likely lack the updated safety and technological features that newer cars have. 

Ultimately, there is no sure answer to this question. The best option overall is to go with a used car that does the job for you and has been maintained well during its lifetime. Overall, all aspects of the used car's previous journey factor into its final value. The choice is yours to make. If you are curious about used car mileage, get in touch with an Auto Pedigree representative today. You can contact any one of our used car dealers to answer any questions you may have.