Used Family Cars - Our Pick Of Top Family Cars

Family time is a lifelong treasure, and locating a used car for a family suited to the needs and wants of your family can be trying. There are a multitude of SUVs on the used car market that are well equipped with the luxury and comfort that every happy family deserves, and Auto Pedigree is here to assist in your car search for the perfect fit. 

Family SUVs - Toyota Fortuner

This family SUV features first for a number of reasons. The Toyota Fortuner has become a very popular family chariot in South Africa, selling at a consistently higher rate compared to other family SUVs on the market. The exterior is simple and hardy, while the interior is well equipped with audio connectivity along with top-tier technology. All together, the Toyota Fortuner offers functionality and luxury, and makes for a very trustworthy used family car. 

Economical Family Car - Ford Ecosport

Made in India, the Ford Ecosport takes second place in our used family car round-up as the economical family car. Favoured for affordability and the ease of automatic drive, this SUV is in flattering demand. The fuel consumption is pleasing, especially with the consideration of transporting families and their luggage. Durable on gravel and sand roads, and furnished comfortably with multiple USB ports and audio connectivity. On our list of trusty used family cars for sale, the Ford Ecosport is well praised. 

New Family Car - VW T-Cross 

Available in an array of astonishing colours that feature on the exterior as well as the interior, the Volkswagen T-Cross is a new family car that will find happy homes within families across South Africa. With it’s turbocharged petrol engine, fuel consumption is admirable. It is more than adequately supplied with touch screen technology and above average comfortability. Overall, the VW T-Cross has raised the bar and has yet to majorly disappoint its customers. 


A Classic Family Vehicle - VW Tiguan 

Although the Volkswagen Tiguan is a compact, classic family vehicle, there is no deprivation of comfort. Seating either 4 or 5 passengers, this award-winning set of wheels makes for the perfect family car candidate. With a classy exterior appeal, the VW Tiguan attracts a lot of attention. The automatic engine relieves the mediocrity of sitting in traffic on the way to school and long distance travels. The spacious boot allows for the eradication of light packing while keeping comfort to a maximum. If you are on the hunt for a used family car that offers durability and solace, we may have just the trusty set of wheels for you. 

Each unique to themselves and praised for their pleasing exterior appearance and comfortably luxurious interior, it may be tricky to decide which road to take. Allow Auto Pedigree to assist in your search for a used family car now.