What is Mechanical Breakdown Warranty

With the high cost of car repairs, when it comes to buying a used car, you always want to be able to see a proven service history, or risk spending a lot more money than you bargained for.

In an older car, because the originalmanufacturer’s warranty may have likely expired, mechanical breakdown warranty can protect against the cost of parts and labour incurred by mechanical and/or electrical failure when your car breaks down unexpectedly.

These are important facts to note when purchasing a mechanical breakdown warranty:

  1. Unlike an extended warranty where you pay a lump sum upfront, mechanical breakdown cover is paid in premiums over the finance/policy period.
  2. Comprehensive car insurance covers you for road accidents and not breakdowns. Mechanical warranties cover you for breakdowns unrelated to an accident.
  3. Amongst other areas, it does not cover:
    1. Everyday wear and tear such as work tyres or brake pads
    2. Long term wear and tear such as corrosion
    3. Intentional damage
    4. Damage due to poor maintenance
    5. Incorrect use of the vehicle

What Components are Covered?

Components covered depends on the insurer, but to gain maximum value from your warranty, you should have car your car serviced regularly at a registered manufacturer appointed dealer or RMI registered facility.

 Auto Pedigree Ultimate Care Warranty covers the following:*

  • Engine
  • Gearbox, Differential
  • Differential Lock, Transfer Box, Turbo or Compressor Assembly, Management System
  • Casings, Electronic Ignition, Air-Conditioner, Cooling System
  • Suspension, Wheel Bearings, Braking System, Fuel System, Electrical
  • Components, Electrical Winch, Free Wheel Hubs, Prop Shaft (Drive
  • Shafts), CV Joints, Steering Mechanism, Clutch, Radiator
  • Emission Control
  • Cylinder Head Gasket, Drive Pulleys, Cambelt Failure
  • Viscous and Electric Fans
  • Electric Motors (Sunroof and window), Electric Mirrors, Central Locking
  • GPS Navigation System, Entertainment System, Phone System,
  • Transponder Key, Alarms and Immobiliser

Additional Benefits:

  • Vehicle Hire, Overnight Accommodation, Instalment Payment
  • Protection, Insurance Excess Payment, Public Transport
  • Strip and Quote

*Please refer to the policy wording for a detailed list of all components covered.

If your car’s warranty has reached its validity, avoid the high cost of mechanical or electrical repairs in case of a breakdown. Contact us on 010 593 9505, or find your nearest Auto Pedigree dealer for a quote.

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