What makes a car fun to drive

Fun means enjoyment and the fact that it puts a smile on your dial, mile for mile.

If you’re on the market for a car you’ve likely read a lot of car reviews and listened to many a car commercial in the hope that you’ll be better informed by the time you spend your hard-earned money. During this period you may have all too often heard the phrase "fun to drive". Perhaps this means nothing to you or even leaves you more confused about your car buying decision.

Car enthusiasts will be able to debate the question for days and each will know exactly what it means to them. It is completely subject to personal opinion and differs from one individual to the next. However, if you haven’t experienced the ‘fun factor’ yet or you’re a new driver, this list may help give you a broad idea of what makes a car enjoyable to drive.

  1. Suspension and handling – for the feel of control and focus, and smooth twists and turns around bends
  2. Ability to maintain a consistent speed on the open road - makes for a relaxing and soothing drive.
  3. Torque and speed – no struggling uphills but also for the adrenaline rush!
  4. Small, light and nimble – for zipping around corners.
  5. Refined steering and pedal shifting – smooth action, no wrestling.
  6. Quirky styling – enough to make those heads turn.
  7. Spirit - encourages you to accelerate a little harder and corner a little faster.
  8. Grip and performance to handle the power of the motor.
  9. Communication and connection – Being able to feel the car and how it responds back to you through the steering and throttle could be the number one fun factor. It makes you want to just drive with no destination in mind.
  10. Smiling - if there’s a big grin on your face while you’re driving, then you know you’re finally experiencing the fun factor!

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