What Should Your Roadside Assistance Cover In 2022?

As we step into the New Year, implementing healthy habits and changes is always good, including protecting yourself with roadside assistance. The daily rush always sees many accidents and mishaps, so it is important to be clued up on your roadside assistance cover and what it should include. Auto Pedigree has formulated some key points to ponder when looking at roadside assistance cover. 

Roadside Assistance Must-Haves

First and foremost, your roadside assistance should be available 24 hours a day, all year round. Accidents are occurrences that one could never plan for, so it is crucial that help is always on hand. 

Next, you should look at the benefits following your roadside assistance cover, what is included? Auto Pedigree has joined forces with AA FleetCare offering services including: 

  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown towing service 
  • Tyre change should you require one
  • Flat battery charge service
  • Key lockout service 
  • An overnight and vehicle rental should your breakdown occur 100km+ from your residential address 

Maintaining Personal Safety With Roadside Assistance

On a medical front, you should be covered for all possible incidents 24 hours a day. Auto Pedigree covers medical emergency advice and transport regarding any medical emergency such as an accident, gunshot incident, heart attack etc. We also cover counseling for a vehicle-related trauma incident. 

In terms of legal assistance, you need guidance and information following an accident. You will also need a mound of legal papers and guidance in acquiring and completing them. Auto Pedigree covers legal assistance in all of the above, as well as a free 30-minute legal consultation service. 

We also offer 24-hour travel assistance, where we help you find your way. Should you require directions along your journey, Auto Pedigree’s got you. You can make use of our ‘FINDIT’ service, where Auto Pedigree will reward any lost key returns. 

Finally, you will want to be covered for any third party damage to you and/or your vehicle, as well as hijacked, stolen or written-off vehicles. We cover any wrongful third party damage, giving you immediate access to an effective Road Accident Fund claims management system. Stolen, hijacked and written-off vehicles receive a specified amount of funding towards the deposit for a new vehicle within the first year. 

Roadside assistance cover is the comfortable pillow we all need. You never know when disaster may strike, thus it is crucial to be prepared for anything. Find out more about the Auto Pedigree roadside assistance package here.