Why we love cars

Essentially, a car is made up of chunks of metal and plastic, but to many men (and women), these actually inanimate objects are living, breathing beings. A strange and indescribable bond seems to form between this man and his machine. So much so to the extent that it becomes pretty obvious there is a love affair on board.

How do we know this? One only needs to observe the way we humanize our cars by giving them affectionate human names like Herbie or Lucy, and even naming them after our favourite celebrities like Lady Gaga. Then there are others who devise a name based on their car’s supposed personality. Naming a car solidifies the relationship.

A love for cars tends to begin at an early age. It could be an inheritance, an event, circumstance, or any combination of many factors, but almost always begins before you even know how to drive. 

So why do we love cars so much, and what is it about them that is so endearing to humans? We take a look at the commonalities to try and determine what draws us to love automobiles the way we do:

1. Human Ingenuity

The ever-evolving world of the automotive industry is a testament to human ingenuity. Improvements in car manufacturing take place in leaps and bounds. Modern cars are streaks ahead from cars a hundred years ago. The cars we drive today provide comfortable, smooth rides, and very importantly gives us more mileage for our money than before. They are in fact one of the greatest success stories of the 20th century.

2. Unprecedented Freedom

Motor cars are a symbol of our individual freedom and personal independence. Owning our first vehicle meant not having to rely on any one else to reach our intended destinations or be hindered by someone else’s availability or lack thereof. It meant finally taking your own path, not some bus or mini-taxi route that meant walking through unsavoury parts of town. And there’s something to be said about driving on the open road. No destination required.

3. Psychological Benefits

Replacing an old unreliable car with a new or quality second hand car is a way for us as owners to feel invigorated through the increased performance previously lacking. In a UK study in 2003 it was found that cars give both men and women positive feelings of status and independence, yet only men derived increased self-esteem and psychological benefits from automobiles. In the psychology of cars it’s true to say that the romance between men and their cars do not exist in the same way with women and theirs.

4. The Need for Speed

When we get behind the wheel of a car it becomes an extension of ourselves. Controlling the mechanisms to power it forward allows us to achieve impossibilities within our own limitations. In human history, speed and the ability to move faster than your pursuer or pursued was more than just an advantage; it was a necessity for survival. In a way this explains why there is a certain competiveness between motorists on a street to arrive at the traffic lights first.

No doubt there are many more reasons why cars make our human hearts go aflutter. Whatever your reason, if you’re looking for a reliable second hand car to buy and call your very own, then look no further.

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