Need To Search For A Vehicle Online - Here’s How

Searching for a vehicle online has become the proverbial norm. Gone are the days of travelling far to look at potential vehicles that sometimes didn’t suit your budget. With dealerships on the internet, you can search through their wide selection, view vehicle specs, look at available vehicle finance, work out your possible monthly instalments, and book a test drive.  Whether you're looking for a family car, for business or for personal use, searching it online has never been easier. 

This guide is all about helping you search for a vehicle online and what you should be searching for when browsing the internet. 

It all starts with doing the necessary research to get the best vehicle for your personal needs and one that will suit your budget. With many dealerships online, visiting a used car dealership is optional meaning that the bulk of the comparison work may be done online. 

  1. Search Local Area

Start your online search by looking at credible and reputable dealerships in your local area. This will prove useful later on when you need to view the vehicle in person and take it for a test drive. 

  1. Search With Intent And Purpose

When searching for a vehicle, if you’ve done your home regarding your affordability and budget, your credit profile will be next.  Your credit profile is the determining factor in how much banks will approve your vehicle finance application. Where possible, get a pre-approved loan to shop with a better understanding of what your budget will get you. A pre-approved loan is not the actual loan but rather an indication of what you would most likely receive from a bank. 

  1. Vehicle Specifications

Now that you have a number to shop around with, start researching the vehicle brands and models you are interested in. Look for brand credibility, workmanship, durability, and maintenance affordability.  While all cars eventually break down, it is best to buy a vehicle whose vehicle parts and maintenance or car service will not cost you an arm and a leg. When browsing through Auto Pedigree’s website, all available vehicles specify prices and specifications for better choice and selection. 

  1. Used Car Checklist

When vehicle shopping, a checklist of what to look out for in and on the vehicle is important. This is a great guide on thoroughly going through the vehicle specifications to avoid interesting surprises later on. 

  1.  Accident History Report
  2. The Service Book
  3. Interior and Exterior Damage
  4. The Bonnet - engine, fluid, leaks, and sounds
  5. Brakes and lights 

A majority of this information will be more useful when test-driving the vehicle. 

  1. Book A Test Drive 

When test driving the vehicle, it's best to look at everything, from the ease of how the vehicle starts, the sounds it makes, and how comfortable you are in it; meaning, do your feet touch the pedals comfortably? You also want to check the following:

  • Check your seat, its comfort and adjustability.
  • Check if the steering wheel is adjustable. 
  • Check the mirrors and blind spots.
  • Check all interior lights, brakes, doors, and any other mechanical parts of importance.
  • Check the exterior for any dents and scratches or two-tone paint. 
  • Check the tyres.
  • Check the bonnet - engine, oil, and water filter. 

It’s important to check the vehicle thoroughly. 

  1. Select Vehicle and Enquire

You’ve found your vehicle and taken it for a spin, and are ready to start your buying process. Most websites like Auto Pedigree will have an Enquire Now link to speak to a sales consultant to get the ball rolling. They’ll take all your details and documents electronically and process your vehicle finance application without leaving the comfort of your home. Once the bank has approved your vehicle loan application, and you’ve test-driven your vehicle, all that’s left is to pick it up or have it delivered to you. 

If you’re searching for a vehicle, visit us here our skilled consultants are ready to help you.