Why Getting Your Car Serviced Is So Important

Why Getting Your Car Serviced Is So Important

Have you ever wondered what happens to your car when it goes in for a service? Depending on who is servicing your vehicle and whether it is receiving a major or minor service, there are quite literally hundreds of checks, tests, cleans and calibrations that need to happen. Some parts get replaced, others are given a quick buff and put back, and some components need to get repaired. But most of us don’t realise just how important a good servicing is for our cars or why we even need them at all.

Getting your car serviced essential ingredient to keeping your wheels in good working order. Besides ensuring that all the important bits are functioning properly, services are where technicians also inspect your car for any problems or issues that could cause damage over the long term, affecting the value of your ride.

We look at why getting your car serviced is so important and why choosing the right servicing option matters.

Car services 101

Think of taking your car to a service centre as taking your child to the doctor or pet to the vet for a checkup. There doesn’t necessarily need to be anything wrong with your kid or pup, but by allowing a professional to look at how they’re doing, you’ll be able to stay on top of their overall health.

Car services are the same. Most people know very little about the inner workings of their cars and usually have no idea when a problem is brewing under the hood. Servicing your car lets these ‘doctors’ check up on your vehicle’s overall condition and test for any potential problems that may not be affecting it now but could cause big issues down the road.

Minor vs Major or ‘Full’ Services

When we visit the doctor, we have choices. We could opt for the monthly checkup, which looks at the basic vitals like blood pressure, temperature and heart rate. Or we could ask for the full battery of tests – blood sugar, ECG, X-rays, eye tests etc. – on top of the basic checkup.

The difference between a minor and a major service is much the same as the difference between those quick monthly or more comprehensive annual visits to the doctor, except we use kilometres to choose which ones to go for rather than time. While one vehicle service cost may be more than the other, it’s worth it.

  • Minor car services – are focused on checking all the essentials like the vehicle’s electronic system, fluid levels, fan belt and brakes. Technicians will also give your car the once over for any leaks, wear and tear or damage. Most minor services also include filter changes and cleaning out any areas collecting dirt and grime.

  • Major car services – involve a far more comprehensive inspection and review of your car before technicians get to work, taking things apart and replacing many of the parts and components that need to be swapped out. Spark plugs, all filters, brake fluid, transmission oils and coolant are replaced and refilled. Some major services also include a full oil change for your car. Timings are corrected, things are regreased, and any issues are carefully recorded.

How often your car needs a service

Minor services are usually recommended for every 10,000 to 15,000km covered by your car. Major services should happen every third visit or so, usually every 30,000 to 45,000km covered by your car. Many service plans stipulate that your car receives a service at least once a year or whenever you reach those distance milestones – whichever comes first.

Rather be safe than sorry

However, there is nothing stopping you from servicing your car as often as you want, especially before a big road trip or if you feel like your vehicle is struggling a little. While taking your car in for a service every time you hear a strange sound or you think the handling feels different can get expensive, being responsible and going for a regular vehicle servicing at least once a year will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Cost of a car service

The price of getting your car serviced can vary significantly. Smaller, budget cars and older models don’t always require as much time and effort to service as some of the bigger, more expensive vehicles out there. A minor vehicle service cost is usually cheaper than major ones, and some vehicle services charge different rates and prices for labour and parts.

But most service centres charge reasonable fixed rates for getting your car serviced, and some offer attractive specials and promotions. Some providers allow you to purchase a basic service and then add on servicing extras like oil changes and aircon services for an extra fee, allowing you to pick and choose what work you want to be done.

Service plans

Vehicle service and maintenance plans are like prepaid products that you can bundle into your car financing, saving you from having to come up with cash for servicing your car whenever the time comes. They usually include a fixed number of services over a pre-determined distance and time period.

Service plans (and more comprehensive maintenance plans) are great for people looking to make sure they have their car service needs covered without having to worry about forking out cash. These innovative plans are excellent for reducing your vehicle service cost.

Why car services are so important

  • Vehicle services increase your car’s resale value

If you want to get the most money possible when selling your car one day, providing a full service history, that shows your ride has been checked and maintained properly for each year you had it, is one of the best ways to do that.

  • Services keep you safer on the road

Car service technicians are trained to look for and identify the problems that can compromise your car’s safety. Anything from faulty brakes to worn bearings, damaged rims and broken seatbelts will be identified and reported by the technician so that they can be replaced.

  • Services help spot issues before they become major problems

A minor issue today can easily become a serious problem 10,000km from now. Getting your car serviced will allow technicians to spot issues that aren’t problems yet and then let you know about them. You then get to decide whether you want the affected part replaced or if you’d prefer to risk carrying on with it.

  • Car services save you money in the long run

If you continue driving your car past its recommended service interval, you risk causing serious damage that insurance is likely not to cover, and that will probably result in a much bigger vehicle service cost later on. By paying for regular services, you will only need to replace far more affordable smaller parts instead of the expensive bigger ones they could damage.

  • Services improve vehicle performance

Clean oil, fuel, and air filters, as well as functioning small parts, mean that your car can perform to its full potential. Servicing your car optimises your car’s efficiency and improve performance by helping things to run smoothly, saving on fuel, and assisting your tyres to work better on the road.

  • Vehicle services keep warranties and insurance policies in good order

Missed services could lead to manufacturer warranties being voided and your insurance providers refusing to pay out a claim. If you’re involved in an accident as a result of a component breaking that would have been replaced during a service, your insurer could refuse to compensate you. If something covered by a warranty on your car fails because a part meant to be checked during a service broke and damaged, you could have to pay out of pocket.

  • A good servicing gives you peace of mind

Ultimately, getting your car serviced will give you the peace of mind to drive it with confidence, without worrying that it might break down or compromise your safety. If something goes wrong after you get your car serviced, you know exactly where to go. Nothing beats enjoying a smooth ride that’s running at optimal efficiency.

Conclusion – Finding an authorised service centre near you

So what are you waiting for? Servicing your car is a must. Get your car serviced and enjoy the peace of mind, performance improvements and improved vehicle value that comes with ensuring your car has been given the care and attention it deserves.

Pay a visit to any one of our nationwide service centres and enjoy the specials on offer, a minor or major service and the comprehensive feedback you’ll get from our technicians.